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The Standing Committee on Alberta´s Economic Future comprises 15 Members of the Legislative Assembly. It may meet to review a Bill or to consider an issue referred to it by the Assembly, and can also meet on its own initiative to consider issues within its mandate. The mandate of the Standing Committee on Alberta´s Economic Future relates to the areas of Agriculture and Forestry, Advanced Education, Infrastructure, Economic Development and Trade, Culture and Tourism, and Labour.

At its October 11, 2018, meeting, the Standing Committee on Alberta's Economic Future initiated an inquiry (pursuant to Standing Order 52.07(2)) into the impact of the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (formerly USMCA) on Alberta agriculture, in particular the effect of increased market access of dairy, poultry, and eggs originating in the United States on Alberta supply-managed producers, and their suppliers. Pursuant to Standing Order 52.07(4), the Committee must conclude its inquiry into this matter and present a substantive report to the Legislative Assembly no later than six months after the commencement of committee's inquiry.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Note: All meeting agendas are subject to approval of the committee.