Child and Youth Advocate Act Review

The Standing Committee on Legislative Offices is reviewing the Child and Youth Advocate Act. The Act enables the Advocate to represent the rights, interests and viewpoints of children and youth receiving intervention services or who are involved with the youth criminal justice system.

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On June 2, 2016 the following motion was passed by the Legislative Assembly of Alberta:

  1. The Child and Youth Advocate Act be referred to the Standing Committee on Legislative Offices for the purpose of conducting a comprehensive review pursuant to section 23 of that Act;
  2. The Committee may, without leave of the Assembly, sit during a period when the Assembly is adjourned or prorogued;
  3. In accordance with section 23 of the Child and Youth Advocate Act, the Committee must submit its report to the Assembly within one year after beginning its review and that report is to include any amendments recommended by the Committee.

Note: When inviting written submissions for the Child and Youth Advocate Act review the Committee indicated that submissions from members of the public would remain confidential upon request of the author; and otherwise, the submissions would be made public with the name of the submitter and all third-party personal information removed.

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