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In accordance with a decision of the Special Standing Committee on Members' Services on October 5, 1998, components of Member remuneration are to be adjusted on April 1 of each year by the same percentage increase or decrease as in the Average Weekly Earnings for Alberta as reported by Statistics Canada survey of employment payroll and hours for the immediately preceding calendar year.

The table below summarizes the resulting adjustments effective April 1, 2008, based on the Alberta Average Weekly Earnings*. The 4.53% change has been calculated by comparing the average of earnings for January to December 2006 to the average of earnings for January to December 2007. (The remuneration figures have been rounded for pay administration purposes.)

MLA Indemnity and Allowance

Indemnities and Allowances

Annual Remuneration

MLA Indemnity


MLA Tax Free Allowance




Additional Allowances, Office Other Than MLA 


Annual Remuneration





Minister with portfolio


Minister without portfolio


Leader of the Official Opposition


Deputy Speaker and Chair of Committees


Deputy Chair of Committees


Leader of a recognized opposition party


Special Members' Allowances


Annual Remuneration

Official Opposition House Leader


Third Party House Leader*


Chief Government Whip


Assistant Government Whip


Chief Opposition Whip


Assistant Opposition Whip


Third Party Whip*


* Recognized opposition party

Committee Allowances (effective May 1, 2008)
(Committees of the Assembly)

Category A Committees:
Standing Committee on the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund Act
Standing Committee on Private Bills
Standing Committee on Public Accounts
Standing Committee on Legislative Offices
Special Standing Committee on Members' Services
Standing Committee on Privileges and Elections, Standing Orders and Printing

Any other committee designated as a Category A Committee by resolution of the Assembly


Category B Committees:

(none at this time)


Category C Committees:

Standing Committee on Community Services

Standing Committee on Economy

Standing Committee on Health

Standing Committee on Public Safety and Services

Standing Committee on Resources and Environment



Committee Allowances (Category A and C)

Deputy Chair


(not to exceed $3500/maximum 3 committees)


$1500 per month
$1250 per month
$1000 per month

Committee Member Allowance (Category B)

Up to four hours long
Over four to eight hours
Longer than eight hours 



Committee Chair Allowance  (Category B)
(per meeting, in addition to committee members' allowance noted above)
Up to four hours long
Over four to eight hours
Longer than eight hours 



* average weekly earnings (SEPH), unadjusted for seasonal variation, by type of employee for selected industries classified using the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), monthly (Dollars) (281-0026)

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Alberta MLA Compensation Adjustments (1989 to present)
Member Indemnity and Expense Allowance Comparisons (December 31, 2008) - All Jurisdictions  

Prepared under the Authority of
the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta


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