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Legislative Assembly Office: The Visitor, Ceremonial and Security Services Branch

Brian Hodgson

The Sergeant-at-Arms, Brian Hodgson, is the Director of the Legislative Assembly Office’s Visitor, Ceremonial and Security Services division. In this role, he manages the Legislative Assembly’s Visitor Services function, provides security services to the Legislative Assembly, and plans and executes the Legislative Assembly’s ceremonial functions.

More specifically, in his role as Director of Visitor Services, the Sergeant-at-Arms oversees the:

The Sergeant-at-Arms’ role as chief of the Legislative Assembly’s security services consists of administering security services within the Chamber and Galleries, maintaining decorum, and ensuring the safety and security of MLAs and those within the precincts. He is the Speaker’s principal advisor on security matters and also provides advice on security to MLAs and constituency office staff. He coordinates the installation of constituency office alarm systems and liaises with the RCMP, municipal police forces, the Department of Justice and Solicitor General, and other intelligence and security organizations. The Sergeant-at-Arms administers the Security Access Cards, the Precinct Pass Card system, and the distribution of keys.

As the head of the Legislative Assembly’s ceremonial services, the Sergeant-at-Arms:

In addition to these responsibilities, the Sergeant-at-Arms also: