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Hansard Research

Research is one of the most important parts of Hansard production. The official record of debates must be an authoritative account of what was actually said during legislative proceedings. In order to ensure a high standard of accuracy, Hansard editors must do their homework.

Council or Counsel?

Producing a transcript may not sound very difficult. After all, a transcript is simply a written record of an oral exchange. The trouble is that spoken words don't always translate easily into written text. Many words with differing meanings sound alike, noises in the House can make it difficult to decipher certain phrases or names, and members may occasionally misspeak, especially during those late-night sittings or particularly heated debates. One crucial aspect of Hansard research is careful listening, double-checking when the words on the screen just don't look right.

Hitting the Books

In addition to an in-house research centre stocked with atlases, reports, catalogues, and the like, Hansard editors use a variety of web-based sources to conduct their research.

Below are some links to just a few of those sources. You may find them helpful in conducting your own research.

Government of Alberta
Legislative Assembly of Alberta
Federal Government