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May 16, 2005

A stitch in time at the Alberta Legislature

Edmonton - History has come to life at the Alberta Legislature as Legislature Tour Guides have traded in their dapper duds for frocks of a more traditional time.

“I think it’s only fitting that we celebrate our centennial in style,” said Speaker Ken Kowalski. “These walls hold a lot of history and I think visitors to the Alberta Legislature will enjoy seeing us celebrate that history.”

The 1905 period costumes will be worn by Tour Guides during Alberta’s Centennial Celebration. Visitor Services staff will also be wearing the costumes for special events.

The period costumes were done by two groups in commemoration of Alberta’s 2005 Centennial. Rhonda Coates supervised the students of the Theatre Studies Department at Red Deer College who made the costumes for the Visitor Services Staff. Anne Hill, Textiles, Clothing and Culture, Department of Human Ecology, University of Alberta made the costumes for the Tour Guides.

In keeping with the highlight on history, the regular Legislature Tour will have another special addition during our Centennial celebrations. A miniature sculpture, a Maquette of the Famous 5 is on loan to the Alberta Legislature from the Famous 5 Foundation and will be on display in the Carillon Room. The Carillon Room is located on the 5th Floor of the Legislature Building near the portraits of the Famous 5 women, already a part of the Legislature Tour.

Emily Murphy, Nellie McClung, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Irene Parlby and Louise McKinney gained their Famous 5 status due to their efforts to ensure that women are recognized as persons in Canadian law.

In 1996, Edmonton artist Barbara Paterson was commissioned by the Famous 5 Foundation to create a larger than life monument to these five women. The miniature version of this sculpture, the Maquette, tours around the country in hopes of educating Canadians about these five Alberta women.


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