9th Legislature, 2nd Session (1942)
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Bill 1An Act to amend The Optometry Act
Bill 2An Act to amend the Act Incorporating the Western Union Insurance Company
Bill 3An Act to amend the Acts and Ordinances constituting the Charter of the City of Calgary
Bill 4An Act to amend the Acts constituting the Edmonton Charter
Bill 5An Act to amend the Ordinances and Acts relating to the City of Red Deer
Bill 6An Act to amend The Alberta Wheat Pool Act, 1929
Bill 7An Act to Validate and Confirm By-law No. A262 of the Town of Vegreville
Bill 8An Act for Granting to His Majesty Certain Sums of Money for the Public Service for the Fiscal Years Ending Respectively the Thirty-first Day of March, 1941, the Thirty-first Day of March, 1942, and the Thirty-first Day of March, 1943
Bill 9An Act for Raising Money on the Credit of the General Revenue Fund of Alberta
Bill 10An Act respecting the Execution of a Certain Petroleum and Natural Gas Lease Numbered 68067 and dated the Thirtieth day of July, 1941
Bill 11An Act to amend The Public Service Vehicles Act
Bill 12An Act to amend The Solemnization of Marriage Act
Bill 13An Act to amend The Mining Industry Wages Security Act
Bill 14An Act to amend The Alberta Hail Insurance Act
Bill 15An Act to amend The Alberta Liquor Control Board Superannuation Act
Bill 16An Act to amend The Co-operative Marketing Associations Act
Bill 17An Act to amend The Co-operative Associations Act
Bill 18An Act to amend The Public Health Act
Bill 19An Act to amend The Mental Defectives Act
Bill 20An Act to amend The Vehicles and Highway Traffic Act, 1941
Bill 21An Act to amend The Municipal Hospitals Act
Bill 22An Act to amend The Sexual Sterilization Act
Bill 23An Act to amend The Local Authorities Borrowings Guarantee Act, 1937
Bill 24An Act to amend The Dower Act
Bill 25An Act respecting Petty Trespass
Bill 26An Act to amend The Credit Union Act
Bill 27An Act to amend The Provincial Lands Act, 1939
Bill 28An Act to amend The Crop Payments (Irrigated Land Sales) Act
Bill 29An Act to authorize Municipalities and Other Public Bodies to invest Surplus Funds in Dominion of Canada War Loans and to validate Order in Council No. 781 of 1941 as amended
Bill 30An Act to Validate Order in Council 889-41
Bill 31An Act respecting the Purchase of Grain for Seed
Bill 32An Act to amend The Special Areas Act, 1939
Bill 33An Act to amend The Teachers' Retirement Fund Act
Bill 34An Act to amend The Legislative Assembly Act
Bill 35An Act providing for the repeal of The Industrial Disputes Investigation Act (Alberta), 1928
Bill 36An Act to repeal The Farm Cultivation Lien Act
Bill 37An Act to repeal The Thresher Employees' Lien Act
Bill 38An Act to amend The Irrigation Districts Act
Bill 39An Act to amend The Judicature Act
Bill 40An Act to amend The Conditional Sales Act
Bill 41An Act to amend The Chiropractic Act
Bill 42An Act to amend The Drainage Districts Act
Bill 43An Act to amend The School Assessment Act, 1931
Bill 44An Act to amend The Vital Statistics Act
Bill 45An Act to amend The Oil and Gas Fields Public Service Utilities Act
Bill 46An Act to amend The School Act, 1931
Bill 47An Act to amend The Alberta Marketing Act
Bill 48An Act to amend The Lethbridge Northern Colonization Act
Bill 49An Act to amend The Succession Duty Act, 1934
Bill 50An Act to amend The Land Titles Act
Bill 51An Act to amend The Constitutional Questions Act
Bill 52An Act to provide for the Suspension of certain Proceedings pending the Determination of the Validity of The Debt Adjustment Act, 1937
Bill 53An Act to amend The Soldiers' Relief Act, 1940
Bill 54An Act to amend The Limitation of Actions Act
Bill 55An Act to authorize the Execution on behalf of the Province of a certain Agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta and to provide for the Implementing of the said Agreement
Bill 56An Act to Authorize the Payment of a Supplementary Provincial Allowance to Old Age Pensioners and Blind Pensioners
Bill 57An Act to amend and consolidate The University Act
Bill 58An Act to amend The Workmen's Compensation Act, 1938
Bill 59An Act to provide for the Levying of Charges for Sewer Services in the Town of Claresholm
Bill 60An Act to prohibit the Sale of Lands to any Enemy Aliens and Hutterites for the Duration of the War
Bill 61An Act to amend The Companies Act, 1929
Bill 62An Act to amend The Railway Taxation Act (Provincial)
Bill 63An Act to amend The Corporations Taxation Act
Bill 64An Act to amend The Alberta Live Stock and Live Stock Products Act
Bill 65An Act to amend The Game Act, 1941
Bill 66An Act to amend The Income Tax Act
Bill 68An Act respecting the Revised Statutes of Alberta
Bill 69An Act to amend and consolidate The Oil and Gas Wells Act, 1931
Bill 70An Act to ratify a certain Agreement between the Government of the Dominion of Canada and the Government of the Province of Alberta
Bill 71An Act to amend The Public Utilities Act, 1923
Bill 72An Act to amend The Dental Association Act
Bill 73An Act to amend The Fuel Oil Tax Act, 1941
Bill 74An Act to amend The District Courts Act


*Indicates an amendment was passed. Amendments are posted within a day of being agreed to.


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