Bills From Previous Sessions

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The PDF versions of these Bills are provided for reference only.

NOTE: Bills are shown as they were introduced in the Legislative Assembly at First Reading. Amendments that were passed are available only for the 27th Legislature (commencing in 2008).

Amendments agreed to by the Assembly are incorporated into the Bill once it receives Royal Assent and becomes an Act. The consolidated version is available from Alberta Queen’s Printer.

*PDFs for 2001 and prior were created from scanned images of the printed issues. 

Proclamation dates are determined by the Alberta Government rather than the Legislative Assembly. Inquiries should be made to the Legislative Counsel branch of Alberta Justice by calling 780.427.2217.

Bills Archive: 30th Legislature - 1st Session (2019) 

001Bill 1An Act to Repeal the Carbon Tax ($)
002Bill 2An Act to Make Alberta Open for Business
003Bill 3Job Creation Tax Cut (Alberta Corporate Tax Amendment) Act
004Bill 4Red Tape Reduction Act
005Bill 5Appropriation (Supplementary Supply) Act, 2019 ($)
006Bill 6Appropriation (Interim Supply) Act, 2019 ($)
007Bill 7Municipal Government (Property Tax Incentives) Amendment Act, 2019
008Bill 8Education Amendment Act, 2019
009Bill 9Public Sector Wage Arbitration Deferral Act
010Bill 10Alberta Personal Income Tax Amendment Act, 2019
011Bill 11Fair Registration Practices Act
012Bill 12Royalty Guarantee Act
013Bill 13Alberta Senate Election Act
[+] Amendments
014Bill 14Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation Act
015Bill 15Real Estate Amendment Act, 2019
016Bill 16Public Lands Modernization (Grazing Leases and Obsolete Provisions) Amendment Act, 2019
017Bill 17Disclosure to Protect Against Domestic Violence (Clare’s Law) Act
018Bill 18Electricity Statutes (Capacity Market Termination) Amendment Act, 2019
019Bill 19Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Implementation Act, 2019 ($)
020Bill 20Fiscal Measures and Taxation Act, 2019 ($)
[+] Amendments
021Bill 21Ensuring Fiscal Sustainability Act, 2019 ($)
022Bill 22Reform of Agencies, Boards and Commissions and Government Enterprises Act, 2019 ($)
[+] Amendments
023Bill 23Justice Statutes Amendment Act, 2019
024Bill 24Appropriation Act, 2019 ($)
025Bill 25Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act, 2019
026Bill 26Farm Freedom and Safety Act, 2019
027Bill 27Trespass Statutes (Protecting Law-abiding Property Owners) Amendment Act, 2019
028Bill 28Opioid Damages and Health Care Costs Recovery Act
029Bill 29Municipal Government (Machinery and Equipment Tax Incentives) Amendment Act, 2019
201Bill 201Protection of Students with Life-threatening Allergies Act
[+] Amendments
202Bill 202Child, Youth and Family Enhancement (Protecting Alberta’s Children) Amendment Act, 2019
203Bill 203An Act to Protect Public Health Care
204Bill 204Election Recall Act
205Bill 205Human Tissue and Organ Donation (Presumed Consent) Amendment Act, 2019
206Bill 206Workers’ Compensation (Enforcement of Decisions) Amendment Act, 2019
207Bill 207Conscience Rights (Health Care Providers) Protection Act


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