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Alberta Hansard Compiled Volumes
29th Legislature, 5th Session (2019) PDF 1.1 MB
29th Legislature, 4th Session (2018-2019) PDF 40 MB
29th Legislature, 3rd Session (2017-2018) PDF 43.8 MB
29th Legislature, 2nd Session (2016-2017) PDF 41.9 MB
29th Legislature, 1st Session (2015-2016) PDF 20.2 MB
28th Legislature, 3rd Session (2014-2015) PDF 13.3 MB
28th Legislature, 2nd Session (2014) PDF 11.4 MB
28th Legislature, 1st Session (2012-2014) PDF 41.3 MB
27th Legislature, 5th Session (2012) PDF 12.2 MB
27th Legislature, 4th Session (2011) PDF 23.1 MB
27th Legislature, 3rd Session (2010-2011) PDF 24.8 MB
27th Legislature, 2nd Session (2009-2010) PDF 28.9 MB
27th Legislature, 1st Session (2008-2009) PDF 28.7 MB
26th Legislature, 4th Session (2008) PDF .9 MB
26th Legislature, 3rd Session (2007-2008) PDF 30.8 MB
26th Legislature, 2nd Session (2006-2007) PDF 36.9 MB
26th Legislature, 1st Session (2005) PDF 41.3 MB
25th Legislature, 4th Session (2004) PDF 27.6 MB
25th Legislature, 3rd Session (2003-2004) PDF 38.6 MB
25th Legislature, 2nd Session (2002-2003) PDF 33.8 MB
25th Legislature, 1st Session (2001-2002) PDF 26.3 MB
24th Legislature, 5th Session (2001) PDF 1 MB
24th Legislature, 4th Session (2000-2001) PDF 46.2 MB


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