Standing Committee on Resources and Environment (2007-2011)
Subject Index - 27th Legislature, 3rd Session (2010-2011)
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Aboriginal junior forest rangers program
Suspension of ... Knight RE230
Aboriginal peoples
Consultation with [See also Land-use framework: Aboriginal/M├ętis input into];Hehr RE236; Knight RE236, 241; Notley RE240
Consultation with, re pipeline construction ... Liepert RE211; Taylor RE211
Consultation with, re power generation on public lands ... Knight RE249; Mitzel RE249
Provincial agreements with ... Evans RE260; Pastoor RE260
Aboriginal Relations , Dept. of
Abu Dhabi , Trade with
Of children from Haiti ... Evans RE257; Pastoor RE256
Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)
AFREA position on ... Nagel RE308
Comparison to automatic meter reading ... Nagel RE308; Rockel RE309; VanderBurg RE308-09
Definition of ... Jacobs RE309; Nagel RE309
General remarks ... Bahry RE311, 314; Jacobs RE313; Liepert RE214-15; Lindsay RE310; Rockel RE307, 310; Taylor RE215
Government subsidization of ... Hennig RE309; VanderBurg RE308-09
Hourly reads, cost of ... Hennig RE309; Rockel RE309; VanderBurg RE308-09
Other jurisdictions ... Hennig RE308-09; VanderBurg RE308-09
Advanced technology
Aerospace industry
Boeing partnerships ... Evans RE258; Pastoor RE257
Agencies, boards, and commissions
Appointments to, review of ... Hehr RE231; Knight RE231
Aggregates mining
Agreement on internal trade
[See also Internal trade; ]
General remarks ... Berger RE264; Evans RE254, 255, 264; Pastoor RE254, 255
Agricultural communities
Agricultural exhibitions and fairs
Education on farm safety at ... Hayden RE273; Pastoor RE273
Agricultural exports
Agricultural exports - United States
Agricultural flexibility fund (Federal/provincial program)
Federal funding for ... Anderson RE276; Hayden RE270, 276; Pastoor RE270
Provincial strategy re ... Hayden RE268, 269; Pastoor RE269
Agricultural insurance
[See also Agriculture Financial Services Corporation; AgriStability program; Drought relief; ]
Federal funding for ... Dallas RE282; Hayden RE282
Funding for ... Dallas RE281-82; Hayden RE281-82
Producer costs ... Anderson RE277; Dallas RE282; Hayden RE277, 282
Programs ... Dallas RE281; Doerksen RE282; Hayden RE268, 278, 280-83; Notley RE278; VanderBurg RE280
Response times ... Doerksen RE286; Hayden RE286
Revenue insurance, discontinuation of ... Hayden RE268
Agricultural land
Cost of ... Doerksen RE286; Hayden RE286
Preservation of ... Hayden RE269; Hehr RE236; Knight RE236, 241; Notley RE240; Pastoor RE269
Proximity to urban areas ... Hayden RE269; Pastoor RE269
Agricultural Operation Practices Act
Administration of, funding for ... Hayden RE268; Pastoor RE268
Agricultural products - Prices
Agricultural service boards
Role in farm safety education ... Hayden RE267, 273; Pastoor RE273
Agricultural societies
Farm safety seminars, funding for ... Hayden RE267, 273, 280; Notley RE279; Pastoor RE273
Agricultural value-added production
Agricultural workers
Cross-ministry initiatives re ... Hayden RE273; Pastoor RE273
Inclusion under workplace legislation ... Hayden RE273-74, 280; Notley RE279-80; Pastoor RE273-74
Re-education following injury ... Hayden RE274; Pastoor RE274
[See also Farm produce; ]
Competitiveness/sustainability of ... Doerksen RE282, 284; Hayden RE267-68, 269, 280, 282-84; Pastoor RE269; VanderBurg RE280
Disaster funding ... Doerksen RE284; Hayden RE284
Electric power consumption ... Jacobs RE309; Nagel RE308, 309
Electric power costs ... Liepert RE215; Nagel RE308; Taylor RE215
Entry barriers to See Beginning farmer incentive program
Impact of global economic situation on ... Anderson RE275; Doerksen RE282; Hayden RE268, 271, 275, 283; Pastoor RE271
Impact on overall economy ... Dallas RE282; Hayden RE267, 282
Income, definition of ... Hayden RE271-72; Pastoor RE271
Income supports [See also Agricultural insurance];Hayden RE272; Pastoor RE272
International and Intergovernmental Relations dept. advocacy role re ... Evans RE254
Legislative compliance/surveillance ... Hayden RE269-70; Pastoor RE269-70
Local initiatives ... Doerksen RE286; Hayden RE286
Nutrient management, funding for ... Hayden RE268; Pastoor RE268
Producer access to capital ... Dallas RE281; Hayden RE282
Producer co-operatives ... Hayden RE279; Notley RE279
Producer costs ... Doerksen RE284; Hayden RE268, 279, 284; Notley RE279
Research and development, funding for ... Hayden RE268
Small producers ... Hayden RE268, 272, 278; Notley RE278; Pastoor RE268, 272
Statistics on ... Hayden RE271, 279; Notley RE279; Pastoor RE271
Taiwanese investment in ... Evans RE258; Pastoor RE258
Tax incentives for ... Doerksen RE286; Hayden RE286
Tax incentives for new farmers ... Doerksen RE286; Hayden RE286
Urbanization of associated industries ... Hayden RE280; VanderBurg RE280
Youth retention See Beginning farmer incentive program
Agriculture - China
Agreements re ... Evans RE258; Pastoor RE258
Agriculture - Diversification
[See also Grain: Specialty markets; ]
Impact on livestock feed costs ... Hayden RE268
Impact on water needs ... Hayden RE270; Pastoor RE270
Initiatives re ... Dallas RE281; Hayden RE272, 279, 281; Notley RE279; Pastoor RE272
Motion other than government motion re (No. 503) ... Hayden RE279; Notley RE279
Niche market development ... Dallas RE282; Hayden RE282
Promotion of locally grown produce ... Hayden RE279; Notley RE279
Young farmers' involvement in ... Doerksen RE286; Hayden RE286
Agriculture - Environmental aspects
General remarks ... Chair RE285; Hayden RE285; Mitzel RE285
Water conservation ... Jacobs RE304-05; Renner RE305
Zero till ... Hayden RE285; Mitzel RE285
Agriculture - Lacombe
Local initiatives re ... Doerksen RE286; Hayden RE286
Agriculture - Medicine Hat
Local initiatives re ... Doerksen RE286; Hayden RE286
Agriculture - Regulations
Provincial strategy re ... Hayden RE273-74; Hehr RE233; Knight RE233; Pastoor RE273
Agriculture - Research
General remarks ... Doerksen RE284; Hayden RE284
Agriculture - Risk management
Agriculture - Southern Alberta
Competitiveness/sustainability of ... Hayden RE270; Pastoor RE270
Agriculture and Rural Development , Dept. of
Agriculture Financial Services Corporation
Funding for ... Anderson RE277; Hayden RE277
Performance measures re ... Dallas RE281-82; Hayden RE281-82
Programs ... Hayden RE268
Rural offices ... Hayden RE280-81; VanderBurg RE280-81
Agrifood production
AgriRecovery (Federal/provincial program)
Administration and funding of ... Doerksen RE284; Hayden RE284
AgriStability program
Administration and funding of ... Doerksen RE284; Hayden RE284
Air quality
Funding for ... Hayden RE268; Pastoor RE268
Performance measures re ... Knight RE251; McQueen RE251
Air quality - Lower Athabasca River region
Cumulative effects thresholds ... Blakeman RE289-90; Renner RE289-90
Air quality - Monitoring
Cumulative effects management ... Notley RE299; Renner RE299
Data interpretation and publication ... Blakeman RE303; Renner RE303
Environment dept. role in ... Liepert RE214; Taylor RE214
Funding for ... Blakeman RE303; Renner RE288, 303
Impact on industrial development approvals ... Notley RE298-99; Renner RE298-99
Air quality - Monitoring - Industrial Heartland
Pilot project ... Blakeman RE289; Renner RE289
Air quality - Rural areas
Funding for ... Hayden RE268; Pastoor RE268
Electric meter readings using ... Hennig RE309; Nagel RE308; Rockel RE309; VanderBurg RE308-09
Public image of [See also Oil sands development - Environmental aspects];Evans RE265-66; Mitzel RE265
Public image of, U.S. branding initiative re ... Evans RE261; Pastoor RE261
Alberta Ballet
Beijing performances ... Evans RE255, 256; Pastoor RE255, 256
Alberta biodiversity monitoring program
Funding for ... Hehr RE233, 234; Knight RE230, 233, 234
Methodology re ... Hehr RE233; Knight RE233, 251; McQueen RE251
Alberta/British Columbia trade, investment, and labour mobility agreement
Alberta century farm and ranch awards
General remarks ... Hayden RE279; Notley RE279
Alberta Chamber of Resources
Position on Alberta wetlands policy ... Notley RE299; Renner RE299-300
Alberta Clipper pipeline
General remarks ... Liepert RE219; Mason RE219
Alberta Competitiveness Act (Bill 1, 2010)
General remarks ... Berger RE263; Doerksen RE284; Evans RE263; Hayden RE284; Hehr RE234; Knight RE234; Liepert RE226; McQueen RE226
Alberta Electric System Operator
2008 plan ... Anderson RE320; Holden RE321
General remarks ... Hennig RE309; Huggill RE316; Liepert RE220; Mason RE220; VanderBurg RE308-09
Role of ... Bahry RE311; Jacobs RE326; Liepert RE214; Oosterbaan RE324, 326; Taylor RE214
Role of, in determination of electric power prices ... Bahry RE313; Jacobs RE313; Lindsay RE312-13
Website documentation of electric power prices ... Bahry RE311
Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture
Farm-based grant program, funding for ... Hayden RE268; Pastoor RE268
Alberta Federation of Rural Electrification Associations
Presentation to Standing Committee on Resources and Environment on electric power ... Astner RE310; Bahry RE311; Chair RE310; Hennig RE309; Jacobs RE309; Lindsay RE310; Nagel RE307-09; Rockel RE307, 309-10; VanderBurg RE308-09, 310
Role of ... Bahry RE314; Jacobs RE313; VanderBurg RE308-09
Alberta government offices
Activities ... Doerksen RE283; Evans RE255-56, 260-61; Hayden RE283; Pastoor RE255, 260-61
Advocacy role ... Evans RE260; Pastoor RE260
Co-ordination of ... Evans RE253-54
Hiring freeze ... Berger RE262; Evans RE262
Partnerships ... Berger RE262; Evans RE258, 262; Pastoor RE257
Alberta government offices - Asia
Development of ... Berger RE262; Evans RE256, 259-60, 262, 265; McQueen RE265; Pastoor RE256, 259
Hong Kong office ... Evans RE256, 260, 265; McQueen RE265; Pastoor RE255, 259
Interprovincial co-operation re ... Berger RE263-64; Evans RE254, 264
Shanghai office ... Berger RE263; Evans RE254, 264
Alberta government offices - Germany
General remarks ... Evans RE256; Pastoor RE255
Alberta government offices - United Kingdom
General remarks ... Berger RE262; Evans RE256, 262; Pastoor RE255
Alberta government offices - Washington, D.C.
Advocacy role of ... Evans RE261; Pastoor RE261
Alberta representative in ... Evans RE259-61; Pastoor RE259-61
Alberta representative in, partnership with ambassador ... Evans RE261; Pastoor RE261
Consultant contracts ... Evans RE261; Pastoor RE261
Initiatives and funding ... Evans RE261; Pastoor RE261
Alberta grizzly bear recovery plan 2008-13
Funding for ... Hehr RE238, 239; Knight RE238, 239
Alberta in Canada
[See also Internal trade; ]
Federal-provincial-territorial meetings ... Berger RE264; Evans RE264
Financial role of ... Evans RE255, 259; Oosterbaan RE324; Pastoor RE255, 259
Interprovincial co-operation ... Evans RE254
Regional issues ... Berger RE264; Evans RE264
Relations with eastern provinces ... Berger RE264; Evans RE264; Liepert RE212-13; Taylor RE212-13
Alberta Investment Management Corporation
Chief executive officer role in investment development ... Evans RE258; Pastoor RE257
Alberta-Jalisco agriculture agreement
Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency
Feed strategy development ... Doerksen RE284; Hayden RE284
Funding for ... Hayden RE268
Market research and development role ... Anderson RE275; Doerksen RE283; Hayden RE275, 277-78, 283; Notley RE277-78
Programs, primary producer eligibility for ... Hayden RE278; Notley RE278
Alberta livestock and meat strategy
Funding for ... Hayden RE277-78; Notley RE277
General remarks ... Hayden RE268
Alberta livestock information system
Traceability component ... Anderson RE275-76; Hayden RE275, 276
Alberta Oil Sands Sustainable Development Secretariat
Funding for ... Boutilier RE224; Liepert RE224
Role of ... Boutilier RE224-25; Liepert RE224-25
Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority
General remarks ... Oosterbaan RE324
Alberta royalty review (2007)
Final report (Our Fair Share), recommendations of ... Liepert RE219; Mason RE219
Input from industry re ... Anderson RE216; Liepert RE216
Alberta Utilities Commission
Administration ... Liepert RE207
Funding for ... Liepert RE208, 221; Mitzel RE221
Regulatory process, streamlining of ... Liepert RE221; Mitzel RE220-21
Role of ... Holden RE319; Liepert RE221-22; Mitzel RE220-21
Smart grid inquiry ... Bahry RE314; Jacobs RE313
Alberta Water Council
Assessment of water for life strategy ... Jacobs RE305; Renner RE305
Offences on public lands, education re ... Knight RE230
Alliance (Village) railway
Electric power line construction, compensation to landowners for ... Liepert RE221-22; Mitzel RE221
Alternate energy resources
American Clean Energy and Security Act (U.S., 2009)
Alberta advocacy re ... Evans RE261; Pastoor RE261
Populations, impact of hunting on ... Knight RE250; Mitzel RE250
Appropriation (Supplementary supply)
Use of for emergency funding ... Knight RE241; Notley RE240
ARF (Alberta royalty framework)
Armed forces , Canadian
Arts and culture
International promotion of ... Evans RE255-56; Pastoor RE255-56
ATB Financial
Electric power lines ... Oosterbaan RE324
Athabasca Oil Sands Corporation
Investment by PetroChina International Investment Company in ... Evans RE255-56; Pastoor RE255
Austin, Texas, oil sands boycott
Automated metering infrastructure
Automatic meter reading (AMR)
[See also Electric meters , Smart; ]
Cost of ... Hennig RE309; VanderBurg RE308-09
Definition of ... Jacobs RE309; Nagel RE309
General remarks ... Bahry RE314; Jacobs RE313; Rockel RE307
Implementation of ... Hennig RE309; Nagel RE308; Rockel RE309; VanderBurg RE308-09
Automobile drivers' licences - British Columbia
Harmonization with Washington state ... Evans RE259; Pastoor RE259
Automobiles , Electric
Cost of fuel for ... Chair RE322; Holden RE322
Electric power contracts re ... Holden RE320
Enmax initiatives re ... Holden RE321; Lindsay RE321


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