Standing Committee on Resources and Environment (2007-2011)
Subject Index - 27th Legislature, 4th Session (2011)
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Summary   Detailed  
Aboriginal peoples
Participation in caribou recovery plan ... Knight RE363-64, 364; McQueen RE363
Request for moratorium on development prior to land-use plan, federal court challenges on ... Knight RE355
Adult learning
Advanced education
Advanced Education and Technology , Dept. of
Aerospace industry
International market development ... Evans RE336
Agricultural exports
Agricultural land
Abandoned oil and gas wells on ... Hayden RE380; Notley RE380; Pastoor RE383
Cash rents ... McFarland RE381
Intergenerational transfer ... Hayden RE385; Jacobs RE384-85
Protection ... Blakeman RE349; Hayden RE371-72; Knight RE349, 351; Pastoor RE370-71, 372
Agricultural land - Southern Alberta
Land-use framework impact ... Hinman RE365
Agricultural societies
[See also Major fairs and exhibitions; ]
Funding ... Hayden RE370; Pastoor RE370
[See also Dept. of Agriculture and Rural Development; ]
Competitiveness and sustainability ... Hayden RE368, 373, 378, 385; Hinman RE377; Jacobs RE384-85; Pastoor RE373
Diversification ... Hayden RE374, 382, 383-84, 385, 388; Hinman RE387; Pastoor RE374, 383
Market development ... Hayden RE373, 383-85, 385; Pastoor RE344, 373, 383
Postsecondary education ... Hayden RE384-85
Producer costs ... McFarland RE381
Research and innovation ... Hayden RE387; Jacobs RE387
Supports for beginning farmers ... Hayden RE377, 379, 385-86; Hinman RE377; Jacobs RE384-85; Notley RE380
Surveillance support funding ... Hinman RE387-88
Value-added industries ... Evans RE336; Hayden RE372, 373-74, 377-78; Hinman RE377; Pastoor RE373-74
Agriculture - Picture Butte
Feedlot Alley ... McFarland RE380
Agriculture - Southern Alberta
General remarks ... Hayden RE382; McFarland RE380
Agriculture and Rural Development , Dept. of
Agriculture Financial Services Corporation
Agricultural loans ... Hayden RE377; Hinman RE377
Commercial loans ... Hayden RE381, 383; McFarland RE381; Pastoor RE383
Crop insurance ... Hayden RE382; McFarland RE381; Pastoor RE368
Hail insurance ... Hayden RE382-83; McFarland RE382; Pastoor RE368
Programs and services ... Hayden RE367-68, 367-69, 373, 388; Hinman RE377, 387-88, 388; Pastoor RE368-69, 373
Small-business supports ... Hayden RE381-82, 383, 384; McFarland RE381; Pastoor RE383, 384
Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute
Program funding ... Blakeman RE348; Knight RE346, 349
Public awareness of ... Knight RE363
Alberta Farm Safety Centre
Funding ... Hayden RE367
Alberta government offices , international
Alberta in Canada
General remarks ... Evans RE330; Pastoor RE331
Alberta Innovates: Bio Solutions
Staff transfer from Dept. of Agriculture and Rural Development ... Hayden RE368
Alberta Land Stewardship Act
General remarks ... Berger RE360; Blakeman RE346-47; Hinman RE365; Knight RE347, 355
Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency (ALMA)
Funding for ... Hayden RE368
Alberta lottery fund
Alberta Research and Innovation Authority
American Clean Energy and Security Act
Advocacy, consultants hired for ... Evans RE334; Pastoor RE333-34
ARIA (Alberta Research and Innovation Authority)
Arts and culture
Aspect of community sustainability ... Knight RE351
Asia Advisory Council
Costs associated with ... Evans RE331; Pastoor RE331
Membership ... Evans RE331-32; Pastoor RE331-32
Promotion of twinning relationships through ... Evans RE341
Asia Advisory Council Act
Purpose of act ... Evans RE330


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