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29th Legislature, 3rd Session (2017-2018)
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U of L
Legal action following dismissal of professor due to views on Holocaust, Justice ministry intervention See Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General: Intervention in University of Lethbridge labour grievance
UCP opposition
Recognition of contribution ... Piquette 104
Underground water
[See also Job creation; ]
Forecasts for Cold Lake area, government memo ... Bilous 2397; Cyr 2397
General remarks ... Jean 72-73
Programs and services See Employment and income support programs
Skilled professions rate ... Barnes 1379; Bilous 603, 1383; Jean 1381; Notley 1381; Panda 603, 1383, 1388
Statistics ... Barnes 469; Carlier 885; Ceci 437, 467; Hoffman 469, 1718-19; Jean 718, 721; McIver 885; Nixon 1718; Panda 467; Rodney 437
Unemployment programs
Union of Provincial Employees, Alberta
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Anniversary of revolution See Communism: Anniversary of Bolshevik revolution, members' statements
History ... Hanson 935; Piquette 935
Dues payments, Rand formula ... Fildebrandt 1458; Westhead 1458
Governing legislation See Fair and Family-friendly Workplaces Act (Bill 17), Labour Relations Code
Members' statements ... Westhead 1502
United Conservative opposition
United Conservative Party
[See also Conservative parties; ]
Leader's personal income, members' statements ... Connolly 1726
Leader's political action committee ... Drever 1978
Leader's remarks on GSAs See Act to Support Gay-Straight Alliances, An (Bill 24): United Conservative Party leader's remarks, Gay-straight alliances in schools: United Conservative Party leader's remarks
Members' statements ... Cooper 1607-8; Orr 1609; Stier 1608
Merger agreement between Progressive Conservative and Wildrose parties ... Renaud 1173-74
Merger agreement between Progressive Conservative and Wildrose parties, members' statements ... Nixon 1174; Stier 1502-3; Taylor 1533; Westhead 1174-75
New leader ... Cooper 1607
Reference to leader in the Assembly, points of order ... Mason 1686; McIver 1686-87; Nixon 1686; Shepherd 1687; Speaker, The 1686-87
United Food and Commercial Workers' Union
Local 401 shoe drive for women's shelters, members' statements ... Nielsen 2189
United Nations 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence
General remarks ... Cortes-Vargas 2164
United Nations declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples
Implementation ... Babcock 996; Horne 839; Malkinson 782; Piquette 104; Speech from the Throne 5
Implementation, program and policy review See Aboriginal relations: Program and policy review documentation (Motion for a Return 3: carried as amended)
United Nations declaration on the rights of the child
Implementation ... Gill 1333; Larivee 1333
United Nations Human Rights Day
United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities
United Nations universal declaration of human rights
General remarks ... Carson 2189; Loyola 1813-14; Turner 1809
United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week
United States
United States-Canada-Mexico free trade
University education
University nuhelot’įne thaiyots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills
[See also Postsecondary educational institutions; ]
Funding ... Hanson 2255; Schmidt 2255
University of Alberta
[See also Postsecondary educational institutions; ]
Board of governor appointments, Michael Phair ... Barnes 1665; Dach 1666, 1668; Turner 1667-68
Enterprise Square campus ... Shepherd 829
University of Calgary
[See also Postsecondary educational institutions; ]
Data security breach ... Anderson, W. 1683; Schmidt 1683
Dinos track and field team, death of former member See Ezeta, Mariano
Football team See Calgary Dinos football club
Political clubs on campus See Wildrose on Campus club
University of Calgary. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Student spaces ... Eggen 2322-23; Starke 2322-23
University of Lethbridge
Legal action following dismissal of professor due to views on Holocaust, Justice ministry intervention See Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General: Intervention in University of Lethbridge labour grievance
University of Saskatchewan. Western College of Veterinary Medicine
Provincial funding agreement termination ... Eggen 2322-23; Starke 2322-23
Upgrading of bitumen
Urban affairs ministry
Urban Municipalities Association
Urban planning
[See also Cities and towns; Municipalities; ]
Project approval process ... Coolahan 543
Utilities, electric
Utilities Act, Public
Amendments, laws and legislation See Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act, 2017 (Bill 34)
Utilities Commission, Alberta
Mandate, laws and legislation See Act to Cap Regulated Electricity Rates, An (Bill 16)
Utilities Consumer Advocate
Mandate ... McCuaig-Boyd 826; Miller 826
Mandate, laws and legislation See Government Organization (Utilities Consumer Advocate) Amendment Act, 2017 (Bill 208)
Utilities ministry


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