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Your MLA can be determined by selecting the name of your riding in the menu below. Not sure what riding you live in? Here’s what to do.
  1. Try Street Key - This is an online service that allows you to find your riding by entering your address.
  2. Try looking at the Electoral Division Maps - These maps show the boundaries of each riding.
  3. Contact the Chief Electoral Office by phone, fax or e-mail - info@electionsalberta.ab.ca
Information about Alberta government ministries can be found on the Alberta government website’s ministries page.
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Other Member Related Information and Links

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Expenditure Guidelines for Members
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Members' Guide
Members' Liability Insurance Claim Process
MLA Compensation Review - May 2012 final report, The Honourable JC. Major, CC, QC
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MLA Profiles - Legislative service summaries of current and former Members
MLA Remuneration - August 2019  
MLA Total Compensation Comparisons - 2011/12 vs 2012/13
Policy on Spouse/Family Member/Guest Travel
Report from the Office of the Clerk – Post Election ND Constituency Staffing Process - September 2015
Report of the Special Standing Committee on Members' Services - Review of Compensation of 
Members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta - December 2012
Selected Payments to MLAs report
Website Guidelines

Members By Affiliation

87 seats total:
United Conservative Party (UCP) 63 seats
New Democratic Party (NDP) 24 seats

Legislative Assembly of Alberta
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