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Alberta Legislature Building from the public gallery
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When does the House resume each year?

The Government House Leader has until January 15 to file a calendar.

However, unless the calendar indicates otherwise the Assembly shall meet each year:

  1. for the Spring Sitting commencing on the second Tuesday in February and concluding no later than the first Thursday in June; and
  2. for the Fall Sitting commencing on the last Monday of October and concluding no later than the first Thursday in December.

Watch your MLA in action!

In person

We invite you to watch session in person at the Alberta Legislature Building from the public gallery. Groups are encouraged to book with Visitor Services for space availability.

On Television

The Daily Routine, including Oral Question Period, is broadcast live on CTV Two beginning at 1:30 p.m. Monday to Thursday during session. It is rebroadcast on Shaw during evening hours (air time may vary per region due to scheduling conflicts).


You can access Assembly Online audio/video of Assembly/committee proceedings on this website.

Requirements note: In order to view/listen to the proceedings you must have the latest Windows Media Player version for your browser.

Assembly Online Archives

House Proceedings

Note: Audio and video of House proceedings are archived and available following the end of each sitting day for the duration of the current Legislature. Audio and video of Assembly proceedings are available on CD in the Legislature Library. To borrow audio or video of proceedings, please call the reference desk at 780.427.2473.

Committee Proceedings

Note: Audio of committee proceedings is archived after each committee meeting and available for the duration of the current Legislature.

Closed Captioning (CC)

Closed captioning is available on the video stream of House proceedings. To make it available on your computer, please ensure that you are using the latest version of Windows Media Player.

Once you have loaded the player:
1. Right click on the player task bar at the bottom of the screen
2. Click on "Play"
3. Select "Captions and Subtitles"
4. Select "On if available"