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Mock Legislature

Involve your students in the drama of Parliament!

The Mock Legislature is a simulation activity for grade 6 students and an opportunity to experience what it's like to be part of the parliamentary process. This challenging activity is structured so that every student can participate in the debate. Using replicas of the apparel and the symbolic items actually used in the Legislature, students are guided through the stages of the passage of a bill.

In order for their classes to benefit the most from the experience, teachers are encouraged to prepare their students for the simulation prior to the visit. The online script can be downloaded for class use. Classes may come prepared with their own topic for debate, or use the suggestions in the teacher manual.

Secondary students will also enjoy and benefit from a mock legislature experience. Teachers are encouraged to make use of the mock legislature classroom as a place for spirited debate and inquiry. It is an especially rich experience in conjunction with a guided tour of the Legislature Building and observation of proceedings in the Chamber during session.

Available in English or in French – please specify when booking

Learning Outcomes (Social Studies Curriculum Connections)

  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental principles of parliamentary democracy. (6.1.1)
  • Students will develop an understanding of the structure and functions of Alberta´s Legislative Assembly. (6.1.5)
  • Students will recognize how individuals and governments interact and bring about change at the provincial level. (6.1.6)
  • Students will develop skills of critical thinking, creative thinking, decision-making, problem solving, cooperation, conflict resolution and consensus-building. (6.S.1, 6.S.4. 6.S.5, 6.S.6)
  • Students will apply the research process and demonstrate skills of oral, written and visual literacy. (6.S.7, 6.S.8)
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Mock Legislature

Includes a teacher resource and student handbook, designed to involve students in a mock legislature in the classroom or as part of a visit to the Alberta Legislature.

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