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School at the Legislature is part of the Inquiring Minds program, a growing network of classrooms in the community. For information about similar programs in Edmonton and Calgary, contact us at SATL@assembly.ab.ca or call us at (780) 415-8935.

Who can participate?

Our program accepts applications from grade 6 teachers from across Alberta.

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How can I apply?

Complete the online form or print application form.
You can also request an application package by contacting the school programs co-ordinator at SATL@assembly.ab.ca or call 780-415-8935. (Outside Edmonton dial the RITE line toll-free at 780-310-0000 and enter 780-415-8935.)

Submit your completed printed applications to:
School Programs Co-ordinator
Visitor Services
Pedway Mall, 10820 - 98 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5K 2N6
Fax: 780-427-0980
E-mail: SATL@assembly.ab.ca

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What is my commitment?

  • Teachers are expected to attend a two-day orientation session in late August to visit the site, meet the school programs co-ordinator and begin planning their program week. See sample schedule here.
  • Using our site as a catalyst for learning, teachers prepare a week's worth of lessons and arrange for interviews with selected Members and Legislative Assembly of Alberta staff.
  • Teachers may choose to arrange additional field trips to nearby sites, such as City Hall, McKay Avenue school or Canada Place to study the three levels of government.

The school programs co-ordinator will be available to provide assistance in arranging interviews and will meet with you prior to your visit to discuss your needs.

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What is the cost?

The program cost is $700 per class, per week. A class is considered to be your homeroom class. Once the program is completed, the Legislative Assembly Office will cover class busing fees to the Legislature site.

Costs that are NOT covered

The Legislative Assembly of Alberta is not responsible for

  • Meals
  • Accommodations
  • Extra transportation costs that might be incurred during this program

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What can I expect from the program?

  • A fully equipped classroom
  • Computer/Internet access
  • Educational materials and resources
  • Contacts for interviews
  • Extended guided tour of the Legislature Building
  • Access to the Legislature buildings and grounds
  • Opportunity for you and your class to observe the Assembly in action

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Is this program available in French?

The guided tour of the Legislature Building, Mock Legislature simulation, Race for the Riding and Community in Context activities are all available in French, as are the supporting resources. A few of the individuals available for interviews are also French-speaking. As teachers are preparing their own lessons, classes can spend as much time learning in the French language as they would in their schools classrooms.

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