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Highlighting Alberta-made products

Alberta Branded location: main floor, Edmonton Federal Building, 9820 - 107 Street, Edmonton, AB

Alberta's unique geography and cultural diversity inspire Alberta artists to share their creative expressions through art and fine craft. Our Alberta Branded retail store showcases a selection of ceramics, glass, jewellery, photography, paintings and sculptural pieces, all handcrafted by Alberta artists and available for purchase. A unique selection of traditional and contemporary Indigenous art and fine craft is also available.

Alberta Branded features an annual juried artist showcase that features distinctive pieces curated, and available for purchase, to represent a specific theme.

For additional information or inquiries phone 780.422.3982.

Current Showcase


February 2018 to January 2019


Featured Artists

Anna Bilek, Doris Charest, Noreen Crone-Findlay, Jacqueline Fiala, Erik Lee, Patricia Lortie, Miakoda Ohki, Herman Poulin, Amy Sallenbach and Erin Stinson

Façonner: We shape to adapt a form, thereby directing a course. We fashion to reflect personal style and the current nature of the world. We mould to influence, creating a matrix.

Experience and shop the new showcase, Façonner, in Alberta Branded. Join us for the opening on Thursday, February 8, at 6 p.m. in the Legislative Assembly Visitor Centre. The showcase highlights artwork with the theme Façonner, which means to shape, fashion or mould.

Artist Listing