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Legislature 29, Session 4 (2018-2019)
Legislature 29, Session 4 (2018-2019)
Government Bills
Energy Diversification Act
Growth and Diversification Act ($)
Appropriation (Interim Supply) Act, 2018 ($)
Appropriation (Supplementary Supply) Act, 2018 ($)
An Act to Strengthen Financial Security for Persons with Disabilities
Gaming and Liquor Statutes Amendment Act, 2018
Supporting Alberta’s Local Food Sector Act
Emergency Management Amendment Act, 2018
Protecting Choice for Women Accessing Health Care Act*
An Act to Enable Clean Energy Improvements*
Lobbyists Amendment Act, 2018
Preserving Canada’s Economic Prosperity Act*
An Act to Secure Alberta’s Electricity Future ($)*
An Act to Empower Utility Consumers
Appropriation Act, 2018 ($)
Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Statutes Amendment Act, 2018
Tax Statutes Amendment Act, 2018
Statutes Amendment Act, 2018
An Act to Improve the Affordability and Accessibility of Post-secondary Education*
Securities Amendment Act, 2018
An Act to Protect Patients*
An Act for Strong Families Building Stronger Communities*
An Act to Renew Local Democracy in Alberta*
An Act to Recognize AMA Representation Rights
Canyon Creek Hydro Development Act
An Act to Combat Poverty and Fight for Albertans with Disabilities*
Joint Governance of Public Sector Pension Plans Act
Family Statutes Amendment Act, 2018
Public Service Employee Relations Amendment Act, 2018
Mental Health Services Protection Act*
Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act, 2018
City Charters Fiscal Framework Act
Private Members' Public Bills
Employment Standards (Firefighter Leave) Amendment Act, 2018
Alberta Taxpayer Protection (Carbon Tax Referendum) Amendment Act, 2018
Long Term Care Information Act
Land Statutes (Abolition of Adverse Possession) Amendment Act, 2018
Supporting Accessible Mental Health Services Act
Societies (Preventing the Promotion of Hate) Amendment Act, 2018
Municipal Government (Legion Tax Exemption) Amendment Act, 2018
Public Recreation Areas Consultation Act
Strategies for Unemployed and Underemployed Albertans Act
Alberta Underground Infrastructure Notification System Consultation Act
Traffic Safety (Safe Distances for Passing Bicycles) Amendment Act, 2018
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