Have a meaningful career in a supportive and dynamic environment

The Legislative Assembly Office (LAO) employs dedicated individuals to promote and support parliamentary democracy in Alberta through a variety of roles that span the employment spectrum from finance to information technology; education and tourism to security services as well as positions unique to a parliamentary environment. Show a client support attitude, a flexible nature and strong communications skills to be part of this engaged team.

Work at the Centre of Democracy

The dynamic LAO team connects people to parliament in an inclusive environment.

Explore Job Opportunities

The LAO has a diverse and multi-talented workforce. A variety of employment options are offered.

Get More Than a Job

The Legislative Assembly offers exciting employment opportunities to students in high school.

Directly Support an MLA

The LAO employs Constituency and Caucus employees.
These unique positions are recruited through the respective offices.

Opportunities in Constituency Offices

To apply for a position in a constituency office, contact the Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) directly.

Opportunities in Caucus Offices

To apply for a position in a caucus or independent Member’s office, please contact the appropriate office directly.