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Can't visit the Alberta Legislature in person? Book an online visit or browse our engaging and educational online resources.

From dynamic classroom programs to everyday activity sheets, parliamentary learning can be both meaningful and fun.


Nurture curious minds and build interest in the democratic process.

Videos and Publications

The Speaker's Corner Video Series


Learn from the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly

Watch the Speaker as he explains traditions that date back centuries and distills the legislative process into easy-to-understand terms in this educational and engaging video series.

Learn About the Legislative Process

From Idea to Law_ The Legislative Process


Classroom Programs for Teachers

A Tale of Two Time Capsules

Bring social studies lessons to life with this fun and unique classroom activity, inspired by historical events. 


Mock Legislature Debate

Increase student understanding of the legislative process by debating the merits of a Bill.

  • English Materials
  • French Materials

Activity Sheets

Mace Activity

Learn about the Alberta Mace then construct a new one.


Coat of Arms Activity

Design a personal coat of arms with this drawing activity that explores history and symbolism. 

  • Study parliamentary traditions and trivia particular to Alberta's Legislative Assembly.
  • Learn about the official emblems and symbols of Alberta.
  • Create a new holiday for Alberta with this drawing and writing activity.

Grounds Scavenger Hunt

Explore the Legislature Grounds through a scavenger hunt, and experience Alberta’s history in a whole new way.

English Language Learners Activity Books


Written for Canadian language benchmarks levels 1 through 8, provide context for what English language learners will experience on the tour and further learning outcomes.

Teachers may also book the mock Legislature classroom, where guides facilitate the basics of a parliamentary debate and participants practise language skills.

Find Your MLA

Watch the Assembly

Live and archived streams of Assembly and committee proceedings.

Watch the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and its committees in action, live or at your convenience.

Audio-Video Terms of Use

Grounds Map

Your guide to navigating the Legislature grounds.


Parliamentary Programs
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