Independent Officers of the Legislature


The Standing Committee on Legislative Offices reviews operations, budgets and salaries of each Officer of the Legislature on an annual basis.

The committee does not have the mandate to approve changes to legislation but can entertain requests for proposed changes to legislation and forward the officers’ recommendations to the appropriate ministry.

The Auditor General is the independent examiner of government spending and management practices. Appointed under Alberta’s Auditor General Act, the Auditor General is the legislated auditor of every provincial ministry, department and most provincial agencies, boards, commissions and regulated funds. Audits report on how government is managing its responsibilities and the province’s resources. Currently the role is held by W. Doug Wylie, FCPA, FCMA,ICD.D.
The Chief Electoral Officer administers provincial general elections, by-elections and referenda. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives Canadian citizens the right to vote in provincial elections; Elections Alberta is the official steward of that right on behalf of Albertans. Elections Alberta administers the Election Act and the provincial electoral process in Alberta. Currently the position is held by Glen L. Resler, CPA, CMA.

The Child and Youth Advocate provides individual and systemic advocacy for children and youth receiving designated services as defined under the Child and Youth Advocate Act. This includes young people receiving or attempting to access services under the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act and the Protection of Sexually Exploited Children Act as well as those who are involved with the youth justice system. Currently the role is held by Terri Pelton.

The Ethics Commissioner performs a variety of roles under the Conflicts of Interest Act, including conducting investigations and inquiries and providing advice to MLAs regarding conflicts of interest. The office submits reports of completed investigations to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, who makes these reports public by tabling them in the Legislative Assembly. MLAs must annually file complete financial disclosure information with the Ethics Commissioner, who reviews and posts public disclosure statements. The position is currently held by Marguerite Trussler, KC.
The Information and Privacy Commissioner protects and promotes the access and privacy rights of all Albertans by providing the independent review and resolution of decisions made by public bodies, health custodians and organizations in response to access to information requests under Alberta's three access and privacy laws: the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Health Information Act and Personal Information Protection Act. The office investigates privacy complaints regarding the collection, use or disclosure of personal or health information and any matter relating to the application of the Acts, whether or not a review is requested. The position is currently held by Diane McLeod.
The Alberta Ombudsman responds to written complaints and, under the Ombudsman Act, conducts impartial investigations of administrative decisions, recommendations, acts or omissions by authorities within its jurisdiction including provincial government departments, Alberta municipalities, professional organizations and the patient concerns resolution process of Alberta Health Services. The Ombudsman protects the rights of every Albertan to be treated fairly in the provision of public services by promoting standards of fairness and makes recommendations if an investigation reveals unfairness. Currently the positions of Ombudsman and Public Interest Commissioner are held by the same Individual, Kevin Brezinski.
The Public Interest Commissioner investigates allegations of wrongdoing in the public service and complaints of reprisal made under the Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act. The office ensures that public servants who voice concerns of wrongdoing are protected. The Act creates a safe avenue for public servants to speak out about wrongdoings or make complaints and protects employees from reprisal when they report wrongdoing. Employees covered by the legislation can choose whether to report internally or directly to the Public Interest Commissioner.  Currently the positions of Public Interest Commissioner and Ombudsman are held by the same Individual, Kevin Brezinski

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