Introduction of Visitors

Introductions of parliamentarians, diplomats and other officials visiting the Assembly.

Introduction of Guests

The Speaker introduces groups of students and other guests present in the galleries.

Ministerial Statements

Cabinet Ministers make short, factual announcements or statements on government policy.

Oral Question Period

Opposition MLAs and private government Members ask Cabinet Ministers questions about government activity at 1:50 p.m. daily for 50 minutes.

Members’ Statements

Private Members make two-minute statements on subjects of international, national, regional or local importance.

Presenting Reports by Standing and Special Committees

Chairs of the Legislative Assembly’s committees table reports in the Assembly.

Presenting Petitions

Albertans concerned about any provincial issue may ask an MLA to present a petition to the Assembly. Consideration of private Bills require formal petitioning to the Assembly.

Notices of Motions

MLAs must provide one day’s notice of intentions to bring substantive proposals, called motions, before the Assembly. MLAs can provide oral notice during this part of the proceedings.

Introduction of Bills (first reading)

MLAs introduce Bills proposing new laws or amendments to existing laws. Bills customarily pass first reading and there is no debate at this stage of the legislative process.

Tabling Returns and Reports

Tabling a document means placing it before the Assembly. Some tablings are voluntary and others required. For example, Cabinet Ministers table their ministries’ annual reports, reports by commissions and responses to written questions and motions for returns. Private Members also table documents. Tablings are assigned a sessional paper number and become part of the official records of the Assembly.

Tablings to the Clerk

Documents also may be tabled by providing the required number of copies to the Clerk.

Deferred Divisions

A division (recorded vote) at the third reading stage of debate on a Bill that has been deferred is conducted on Thursday afternoon.