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Whether viewers choose to watch in person, on television or online, staying connected to the parliamentary process is more accessible than ever. Closed captioning is available on all broadcasts and video streams of Assembly and committee proceedings.

Every year, unless otherwise ordered, the Assembly meets in the Spring beginning the second Tuesday in February and ending no later than the first Thursday in June. The Fall sitting begins the last Monday in October and ends no later than the first Thursday in December. The Government House Leader files the sessional calendar by January 15 for that year.

In Person

Alberta Assembly TV

Assembly Online

In Person


Visitors can watch session from the public galleries of the Legislative Assembly Chamber

in the Legislature Building and committee proceedings from the public galleries of the committee rooms in the Queen Elizabeth II Building.

Assisted-listening devices (ALD)

are available for visitors who require this service in order to follow the Assembly or committee proceedings in the Legislature Building.

Requests for ALD can be made at the security desk on the fourth floor and in the Queen Elizabeth II Building from the reception desk on the second floor (elevator entrance).


are also available for visitors who wish to follow the proceedings with video and closed captioning while sitting in the public gallery. (There is a 30-second delay between the live proceedings and the stream.)

Requests for tablets can be made from the security desk on the fourth floor of the Legislature Building.

Please note that in the committee room galleries, there are television monitors with captioning available.

American sign language (ASL)

interpreter services may be arranged in advance through the Visitor Services branch for visitors who require this accompaniment in order to follow House proceedings.

Code of Conduct

  • Visitors are asked to stand at the beginning and conclusion of the Assembly proceedings when they hear the Sergeant-at-Arms declare ‘Order!’.
  • When the Speaker stands, any movement through the gallery should come to a halt.
  • Visitors must abstain from causing any interruption or disturbance to the Assembly proceedings, this includes talking, gesturing and applauding at any time.
  • Visitors must not attempt to communicate in any way with the MLAs, Officers, Pages and Security personnel in the Chamber.
  • Visitors are prohibited from entering the Galleries wearing clothing displaying pictures or lettering that could be perceived as conveying a message to the Assembly.
  • Visitors should abstain from grasping or leaning over the brass railing; and from placing anything on the forwardmost ledge over the Chamber.

Visitors found in violation of this code of conduct may be asked to leave and may not be permitted entry to the public galleries for a designated period of time.

Items Not Permitted in the Galleries


Mobile Phones


Bags or Briefcases




Food or Drinks


Cameras or Recording Devices


Signs (Protest)

Watch a Committee Meeting

Visitors can watch committee meetings from the galleries on a first-come, first-served basis.
Attend a meeting

Online Group Booking Request

Tour bookings for 10 or more visitors

Groups planning to attend session

are encouraged to review the How to Book a Tour page and contact Parliamentary Programs to make reservations. 

Social Media

The Legislative Assembly of Alberta also streams gavel-to-gavel coverage of all Assembly proceedings live on the Assembly’s X, Facebook and YouTube accounts daily throughout session.

Viewers can also catch up on previous sessions on the Assembly’s social media beginning with the Spring sitting of the 30th Legislature.

Live Feed

Check out the live feed that plays current content as it happens. Session, committees, Speaker-hosted events and retro QP, which are rebroadcasts of past Oral Question Periods shown at 1:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., can be seen here or on Assembly TV (Channel 843 (Telus), 930 (Shaw) and 263 (Shaw BlueCurve).

Viewers can enjoy seasonal visuals as well as profiles of some of the 87 constituencies in Alberta when there are no live events.

Alberta Assembly TV


Alberta Assembly TV broadcasts gavel-to-gavel coverage of all Assembly proceedings and many of the committee meetings.

It is available to TELUS customers on channel 843 and Shaw customers on channel 930. Shaw BlueCurve customers can access Assembly TV on channel 263.

Assembly Online

Viewers can access live audio and video of Assembly proceedings and committee meetings on the Assembly website using a desktop/laptop or mobile device.

Coverage of proceedings is archived on Assembly Online at the end of each sitting day or following each committee meeting.

Archives for all proceedings are available from the 26th Legislature (2008) to present.

Watch the Assembly

Live and archived streams of Assembly and committee proceedings.

Watch the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and its committees in action, live or at your convenience.

Retro OQP

When the Assembly is not in session, viewers can step back in time and revisit past debates and issues.

Retro OQP can be viewed on Assembly TV and Assembly Online during the regular OQP time slot at 1:30 p.m., Monday to Thursday each week when the Assembly stands adjourned (broadcast dates and times subject to change).

Archives available in January 2020 starting with broadcasts from 1986 sittings.

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Historical Assembly Proceedings

To inquire about clips from past proceedings, please contact Broadcast Services.
Broadcast Services