Government Bookings

The Legislative Assembly Office (LAO) manages bookings of the concourse and second floor venues in the Queen Elizabeth II Building. The government of Alberta is welcome to book these spaces.


Booking Notice

Venues are available for bookings on weekdays between 8:15 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Book reception spaces a week in advance. For all other spaces, please book at least two business days prior. To cancel a booking or to make time changes, please provide at least two business days’ notice. Please note that catering services may require additional notice. 

Concourse to south


The LAO provides room rentals free of charge, but there may be charges for security or other services for certain circumstances. Venue Services staff outline any applicable fees during the booking process. 

Please note that additional fees may apply if exceptional cleaning is required following use.


The Queen Elizabeth II Building is located on Violet King Henry Plaza at 9820 - 107 Street NW, Edmonton, just north of the Legislature Building. There are multiple pay lots, bus stops and LRT stations nearby. 

Please note that the Queen Elizabeth II Building entrance is on the west side of the building, on Violet King Henry Plaza. 


Venue Services has a designated caterer with full use of the servery and security clearance. Use of the designated caterer streamlines food service. The policies and guidelines around catering service are dependent on the venue booked. Please review all of the information below to ensure a positive catering experience.  



The main floor of the Queen Elizabeth II Building is open to the public, and all other floors require security access. A visitor log of the guest list must be provided to venues services staff within 48 hours of a planned event.

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Committee and meeting rooms include projectors and screens to facilitate presentations. Internet access is provided through LAO guest Wi-Fi services. Teleconferencing equipment is available in committee rooms. 

Please note that event organizers must arrange for support through a teleconference service provider if they require teleconferencing. Also, access to government of Alberta networks will be limited.

Booking Process


Read the Booking Guidelines

Carefully read the booking policies and guidelines for government of Alberta bookings.


Review Room Options and Restrictions

Venues offer various amenities. Pick the right space for the event.


Complete the Booking Request Form

Venue Services staff will provide email confirmation of approved bookings.

After Booking


Step 1Catering

Is catering required?
Email Venue


Step 2Teleconferencing

Is teleconferencing required? Arrange for service through a provider.


Step 3Permits

Food safety permits and liability insurance must be in place for some events.


Step 4Room Set-up

Some rooms have layout options. Venue Services can help determine the best set-up.


Step 5Guest List

48 hours before event

Submit Visitors Log toVenue


Step 6Rental Drop Off

24 hours before event

Do you have rentals? Arrange for delivery before 3:30 p.m.

Booking Guidelines and Policies

The following usage policies and guidelines apply to government of Alberta bookings of the concourse and second floor venues operated by Venue Services in the Queen Elizabeth II Building.

Legislative Assembly Business Takes Precedence

The work of the Legislative Assembly and its committees takes precedence over other bookings. This means that while booking requests may be accepted, they are subject to change. Venue Services staff will contact event organizers in the event of a conflict. View the Assembly Calendar.

Private events are prohibited. Venues are provided as is; additional equipment, supplies or materials will not be provided.
Event organizers are responsible for ensuring that permits, licences and insurance coverage, including coverage for entertainers and service providers, are in place in advance of the event.

The grand staircase on the first floor provides guests with access to the second floor reception rooms, the Capital View and City View rooms. For large events Venue Services places a registration table at the bottom of the grand staircase that event organizers must staff. Guests with mobility concerns can access the elevators by visiting the security desk on the main floor to receive an elevator access card, which provides access to the second floor only. Please advise attendees that a piece of ID is exchanged to obtain an access card. For all other spaces on the second floor, please use the elevators. Guests will have to check-in at the security desk.

The LAO may disclose information about an event held at its venues, including but not limited to the date and time of the event, the type of event, the organizing group, the number of guests in attendance and the number of staff provided by the LAO.

The policies and guidelines around catering service are dependent on the venue booked. Please review all of the information below to ensure a positive catering experience.  

Designated Caterer

Mercer’s Catering is the designated caterer for second floor reception room and meeting room bookings. To streamline food service, Mercer’s Catering enjoys full use of the second floor servery and supplies, equipment training, parking and security clearance. Employing the services of the designated caterer may help organizers avoid the expense and effort of making special arrangements for access and equipment. Note that food and beverage requests with less than one week's notice may come with menu and service limitations.

Preferred Caterers

Venue Services also has a list of preferred caterers with limited access to the building and servery. Event organizers who choose a preferred caterer will not receive tableware.

Other Caterers

Neither supplies nor access to the building or servery will be provided to caterers other than those designated or preferred by the LAO.

Documentation for Food Handling

If food is being offered by anyone other than the designated caterer, event organizers must provide a copy of required food preparation and handling licences or permits upon request.

Concourse Catering

Event organizers may arrange catering for events on the concourse in consultation with Venue Services. In such cases Venue Services does not provide access to the second floor servery, tableware or other supplies.

Second Floor Catering

Complimentary coffee, tea and ice water are available for bookings of up to 100 people on the second floor. Food and drink are permitted in the Capital View and City View reception rooms and the meeting rooms. Food is prohibited in the committee rooms.

Food Drop-Off

Groups of 25 or fewer can request that catered food be dropped off on the second floor. Venue Services' staff may be able to provide carts with tableware for drop-offs.

Seating with Tableware Service

Event organizers should arrange for attendees to be seated when serving food that requires tableware. Organizers are responsible for any extraordinary costs incurred to clean a venue after an event such as shampooing carpets.

Queen Elizabeth II Building Venue Hours of Operation

Venue ServicesLoading Dock
8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.