Congratulatory Certificates

Albertans may request congratulatory certificates from Members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta (MLAs) for noteworthy occasions such as 65th birthdays or 25th anniversaries and other significant milestones occurring in five-year intervals after these.

In situations when the special occasion does not meet these criteria, Albertans can contact their MLAs constituency office directly.
The commemorative package includes

Personalized certificate

Letter-sized; 8.5” x 11”

Authentically signed

By the celebrant’s MLA

A special gift

Alberta coat of arms lapel pin

Allow a minimum of one month before the special occasion in order to receive the certificate on time.

Alberta Provincial Election

With the dissolution of the 30th Legislature there are no Members of the Legislative Assembly until the results of the general election on May 29, 2023 become official. As such, constituents can not receive congratulatory scrolls from their MLA until the appeal period had passed. Scrolls for the Lieutenant Governor and Premier can still be requested.

Congratulatory Certificates from MLAs
Toll-free: dial 310.0000 followed by the number

The following officials and institutions also provide congratulatory certificates and personal greetings:

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