The Legislative Assembly Office (LAO) is a nonpartisan organization in the public service of Alberta that operates within a statutory mandate to support elected representatives and ensure the Legislative Assembly functions efficiently and effectively.


The LAO embraces the rich parliamentary tradition that underpins the constitutional rights of Members and it supports their unique role in Alberta’s parliamentary democracy.


The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly oversees the LAO, which was established in 1983.

In addition to a procedural role within the Assembly, the Speaker has executive leadership responsibilities for the LAO similar to a government Cabinet Minister.


The Clerk, as the chief executive officer of the LAO, is accountable to the Speaker and has authority and responsibility similar to that of a deputy minister.

The Members’ Services Committee (MSC) is a Special Standing Committee chaired by the Speaker.

The committee oversees the LAO’s annual budget, sets Members’ allowances, constituency office allowances and Members’ benefits and establishes human resource, informatics and financial management policy for the LAO.

The LAO's nonpartisan support to the Speaker, Members and their staff includes administrative and procedural services for Assembly business, committee meetings and constituency offices throughout the province.


In addition to these core functions, the LAO assists the Speaker in informing the public about parliamentary process and the legislative system through education and outreach programs. The LAO facilitates citizen engagement in a number of ways, including broadcasting House and committee proceedings, educating students through School at the Legislature, providing public tours and ensuring Assembly debates and decisions are accessible through the Assembly’s public website.

The LAO also safeguards the continuity and impartiality of legislative processes by supporting Members and their staff during the period of transition following a general election.

The Speaker holds office until the day before the commencement of the next Legislature to ensure administrative continuity.

LAO Strategic Business Plan

April 2020 - March 2023

Honouring Tradition While Embracing Change: Guides the organization’s path forward for the short term. Over the next three years branches of the LAO will work together to update processes, streamline operations and increase stakeholder collaboration to continuously improve services to Members for the benefit of all Albertans. The Special Standing Committee on Members’ Services approved the plan in January 2020.

Strategic Plan

Vision, Mission and Values

The vision, mission and values of the Legislative Assembly Office (LAO) guide employees each day in the delivery of exemplary services to the Legislative Assembly and provide future direction for the organization.



The LAO strengthens parliamentary democracy for all Albertans.



  • The LAO provides nonpartisan support to the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly.
  • The LAO upholds the values and traditions of the Legislative Assembly.
  • The LAO manages change in a dynamic parliamentary environment.
  • The LAO promotes public awareness and engagement in the work of the Legislative Assembly.


Several core values guide LAO employees in the work they do on behalf of Albertans.

Access to Information

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