The Standing Committee on Legislative Offices approves the budgets of the Officers of the Legislature, including the Auditor General, the Chief Electoral Officer, the Child and Youth Advocate, the Ethics Commissioner, the Information and Privacy Commissioner, the Ombudsman and the Public Interest Commissioner, and reviews the salaries of the officers on an annual basis. The committee reviews officers' requests regarding proposed changes to legislation and forwards the recommendation to the appropriate ministry; the committee does not have the mandate to approve changes to legislation.

Current Business

2019-2020 Annual Report of the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate

Pursuant to Government Motion 51 the 2019-2020 Annual Report of the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate be referred to the Standing Committee on Legislative Offices for review on December 2, 2020.  In accordance with section 21(4) of the Child and Youth Advocate Act, the Committee shall report back to the Assembly within 90 days of the report being referred to it if the Assembly is then sitting or, if it is not then sitting, within 15 days after the commencement of the next sitting.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

There are currently no scheduled meetings.
01/19/2021 08:42

Standing Committees

Standing committees are permanent committees as established by the Standing Orders. Appointed at the start of each new Legislature, standing committees comprise between nine and 15 Members of the Legislative Assembly and exist for the life of the Legislature although changes in membership may occur.

Committee Clerk
3rd Floor, 9820 – 107 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 1E7
Call: 780.644.8621 Fax: 780.427.5688

Committee Members (11)

Joseph Schow

Mr. Joseph Schow (Chair)

Joe Ceci

Mr. Joe Ceci

Jackie Lovely

Ms. Jackie Lovely

Rod Loyola

Member Rod Loyola

Jeremy Nixon

Mr. Jeremy Nixon

Brad Rutherford

Mr. Brad Rutherford

David Shepherd

Mr. David Shepherd

Heather Sweet

Ms. Heather Sweet

Glenn van Dijken

Mr. Glenn van Dijken

Jordan Walker

Mr. Jordan Walker

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