Decisions made in the Legislative Assembly guide society for generations to come. The records of the Assembly make it easy for Albertans to access information and stay informed.


The Order Paper

Find out what topics are slated for discussion.

The Order Paper is an Assembly document prepared for each sitting day that lists the items of business that may be considered by the Assembly.

Assembly Business

The Votes and Proceedings, which are essentially the minutes of each sitting of the Assembly, provide an overview of Assembly business.

The Journals are the compiled Votes and Proceedings of a full session of a Legislature. The official debates and discussions of the Assembly can be found in the Hansard transcripts.

Votes and Proceedings

Access the Votes and Proceedings database after each sitting day for an overview of the day's business. 


Access the Journals for a compilation of the Votes and Proceedings from each legislative session. 


Access the transcripts database for a daily record of the debates and discussions of the Assembly. 

Watch the progress of a Bill as it moves through the Assembly

Review the status and activity of Bills as well as an explanation of the legislative process.

Tabling in the Assembly

The act of placing an item before the Assembly is called tabling. 

Tabling Returns and Reports is part of the Daily Routine, and it is under this item of business that MLAs may table documents. The databases below provide access to items that have been tabled or deposited. A document presented to the  Assembly is “laid on the Table,” and once tabled, it becomes a sessional paper and is deposited with the Legislature Library. 

Sessional papers refer to all documents tabled with the Legislative Assembly. Required tablings are tabled in accordance with provincial statutes or the Standing Orders of the Legislative Assembly.

Sessional Papers

Access the sessional papers list for information about all documents tabled during a session.

Required Tablings

Access the required tablings list for information about ministry, commission and other reports required to be tabled in the Assembly.

Intersessional Deposits

Access the intersessional deposits list for information about reports tabled during an adjournment.

Motions and Questions

Motions allow Members to bring proposals or issues before the Assembly. They are not proposals for laws. Motions for returns are requests for specific documents or detailed data. Written questions are a way for Members to seek more detailed information about an issue than is allowed in an oral question.

Submit a Petition

A petition is a means for members of the public to request the Legislative Assembly to do, or refrain from doing, something. Petitions must comply with a number of rules in order to be presented in the Assembly.

Petition Guidelines

Assembly Documents

Standing Orders

The Standing Orders of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta are the written rules or protocols that govern the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and its committees.

The Standing Orders outline the procedures that guide the functioning of the Assembly, including meeting times, the order of business and rules of debate. The Assembly may make changes to the Standing Orders by adopting a new standing order and repealing or amending a previous order. 

The Speaker maintains orderly debate in the Chamber and ensures that Members conduct their business according to the Standing Orders as part of the procedural role of the Speakership. The Speaker interprets and applies the principles of procedure with each ruling, and the Standing Orders serve as the primary basis for this decision-making. 

Members' Services Committee Orders

The Special Standing Committee on Members’ Services prescribes the remuneration, benefits and allowable expenses for MLAs through the Members’ Services Committee Orders (MSCOs).

In addition, the committee sets Members’ allowances, constituency office allowances, deductions and reimbursements and establishes human resource, information technology and financial management policies for the Legislative Assembly Office, many of which are also included in the MSCOs. The Speaker traditionally chairs the Special Standing Committee on Members’ Services.

Access the Members’ Services Committee Orders

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Watch the Assembly

Live and archived streams of Assembly and committee proceedings.

Watch the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and its committees in action, live or at your convenience.