Former Members

This page honours the century-long legacy of the Legislative Assembly in Alberta and the distinguished individuals who together have represented the voices and perspectives of Albertans within the Chamber and in constituency offices throughout the province since 1905.

Did you know that fewer than 1,000 Albertans have held the honour of being Members of the Legislative Assembly? Each elected representative receives a number once they are sworn in as an MLA.

Member Memories: The Stories Behind the Service

Have you ever wondered what inspires an individual to run for public office?

Experience first-hand the engaging personal accounts of former Members as they recall stories of their service to Albertans. Hear what motivated each of them to run for a seat in the Alberta Legislature. Explore history through their unique perspectives.

Member Memories: The Stories Behind the Service is a Member-narrated video docuseries that highlights the experiences of Members beyond their service records. It explores Alberta’s changing political climate and illustrates the evolution of the role of an elected representative over the past century.

Ken Kowalski

“The best role that I ever had in my political life of 33 years: to be Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. It was something that I aspired to at the time. It’s something that came my way, and I had a great opportunity to be here for 15 years.”

Ken Kowalski

Mary O'Neill

“And I think politics, unfortunately, does not have the greatest cheerleading squad. That disheartens me. I think it’s a very noble role to play. It’s representing the people, but it’s also bringing your own sense of your own moral compass, number one.”

Mary O’Neill

Leo Piquette

“I guess I had kind of a different experience as a politician because I was in opposition, and an opposition member usually doesn’t make much impact unless they’re a leader, but I was able to – I always believed that if you worked with the people, organizing people from the grassroot[s], you can do a lot of changes as a leader.”

Leo Piquette

Neville Roper

When the 100-year-old was asked about what advice he would give to others wanting to reach such a milestone, he said: “Basically, straightforward living, I wasn’t afraid of hard work when it came along and also welcome change. Staying honest and trying to interpret life ahead of the pitfalls that come up.”

Neville Roper

This is an ongoing video series produced in partnership with the Alberta Association of Former MLAs, a non-partisan professional organization established in 2006.

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Coming soon are the stories of the Honourable Dr. Allan Warrack and the Honourable James D. Horsman, CM, ECA, AOE, QC, both served within Premier Peter Lougheed’s cabinet.