Mock Legislature

This exercise provides students with the unique opportunity to participate in a simulation of the parliamentary process.

The program is a fun and engaging way for students to learn about government and the legislative system. It guides them through the stages of passing a Bill and introduces them to the excitement, strategy and skill of debate.


Debate in a Replica Chamber

The mock Legislature classroom, with its replica desks and detailed furnishings, is a smaller version of Alberta’s Legislature Chamber, providing an excellent backdrop for the debate.


Dress the Part

Apparel and ceremonial items dress students for specific roles and enhance the fun for participants.

Access Educational Resources

Teachers maximize the experience by preparing students for the debate with educational resources, available in English and French.

The experience becomes especially rich when the program is combined with a guided tour of the Legislature Building and observation of the Legislative Assembly proceedings during session.

Explore tours

This group activity is structured to allow every student to participate!

Watch Students in a Mock Debate

Mock Alberta Legislature Video

Grounds Map

Your guide to navigating the Legislature grounds.


Parliamentary Programs
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