Government Venue Booking Form

Form for Booking Venues on the Second Floor of the Queen Elizabeth II Building (GOA)

The Venue Services branch of the Legislative Assembly Office (LAO) is responsible for the second floor venues of the Queen Elizabeth II Building.

  • Please submit a separate form for each booking or inquiry.
  • Rooms are available during regular business hours, weekdays from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • A week’s notice is required for large bookings in the Capital View and City View reception rooms, and the first floor concourse.
  • For other rooms allow at least two business days for bookings, time changes, and cancellations. Room cancellations can be sent to
  • Additional notice may be required by the caterers.
  • After-hours bookings for the current day will not be accepted.
  • Venue Services staff arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior for setup.
  • Please email a visitors log to Venue Services ( 



Event Type *

Min. 60 people required for the Capital View and City View rooms

Public *

Indicate if members of the public (other than MLAs, LAO, and GOA staff) will be in attendance.

e.g. 8:30 AM

e.g. 9:00 AM

e.g. 2:00 PM

e.g. 3:00 PM


Laptop *
PowerPoint *
Videoconferencing * (available using Teams in select committee rooms)


  • There is no food consumption in the Foothills, Grassland, Parkland or Rocky Mountain committee rooms.
  • The LAO will provide coffee, tea and water for all bookings on the second floor with under 60 participants.
  • Arrange additional food and beverage requirements through Venue Services.
  • Caterers must provide the bar and bartenders for events on the 2nd floor where alcohol is being served.
  • Catering invoices should be paid immediately.
Catering *
Liquor Service - will alcohol be served? *

500 character limit