The Third Session of the 30th Legislature is prorogued. The Fourth Session will begin on November 29, 2022.

Previous Business

The links below provide detailed information about specific matters previously reviewed by the committee.

Meeting Minutes

Copies of approved meeting minutes can be accessed through the Legislature Library at

Legislature Library

Call: 780.427.2473

Committee Members (12)

David Hanson

Mr. David B. Hanson (Chair)

Lorne Dach

Mr. Lorne Dach

Richard Feehan

Honourable Richard Feehan

Kathleen Ganley

Honourable Kathleen Ganley

Shane Getson

Mr. Shane Getson

Pete Guthrie

Honourable Pete Guthrie

Jackie Lovely

Ms. Jackie Lovely

Pat Rehn

Mr. Pat Rehn

Peter Singh

Mr. Peter Singh

Searle Turton

Mr. Searle Turton

Tany Yao

Mr. Tany Yao

Committees of the Assembly

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