The Select Special Committee to Examine Safe Supply was established by the Legislative Assembly through the passage of Government Motion 115 on December 7, 2021. The committee must report to the Legislative Assembly with recommendations by April 30, 2022.

The committee’s mandate is limited to consideration of:

  1. examining the concept of “safe supply,” defined as the provision of pharmaceutical opioids, heroin, crystal methamphetamine, cocaine, or other substances to people who are addicted to or dependent on these substances;
  2. whether there is evidence that a proposed “safe supply” would have an impact on fatal or non-fatal overdose, drug diversion, or associated health and community impacts;
  3. whether there is evidence that a proposed “safe supply” would be accompanied by increased risks to individuals, the community, other entities or jurisdictions
  4. examining historical evidence regarding the over-prescribing of opioids; and
  5. whether there is evidence that a proposed “safe supply” would be accompanied by any other benefits or consequences.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Date/Time Location/Meeting Details
January 2022
Jan 18, 2022
9 to 10:30 a.m.
Rocky Mountain Room, 2nd Floor Federal Building
1/18/2022 1:03 AM

Select Special Committees

The Assembly strikes select special committees for specific purposes. A government motion is moved outlining the membership of the special committee, its terms of reference and other details. When a select special committee releases its report, its work is complete and the committee is disbanded unless otherwise directed by the Assembly. 

Committee Clerk
3rd Floor, 9820 – 107 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 1E7
Call: 780.415.2878 Fax: 780.427.5688

Committee Members (12)

Jeremy Nixon

Mr. Jeremy Nixon (Chair)

Mickey Amery

Mr. Mickey Amery

Michaela Frey

Mrs. Michaela Frey

Kathleen Ganley

Ms. Kathleen Ganley

Janis Irwin

Member Janis Irwin

Nicholas Milliken

Mr. Nicholas Milliken

Miranda Rosin

Ms. Miranda Rosin

David Shepherd

Mr. David Shepherd

Lori Sigurdson

Ms. Lori Sigurdson

Jason Stephan

Mr. Jason Stephan

Tany Yao

Mr. Tany Yao

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