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The Standing Committee on Alberta´s Economic Future comprises 15 Members of the Legislative Assembly. It may meet to review a Bill or to consider an issue referred to it by the Assembly, and can also meet on its own initiative to consider issues within its mandate. The mandate of the Standing Committee on Alberta´s Economic Future relates to the areas of Agriculture and Forestry, Advanced Education, Infrastructure, Economic Development and Trade, Culture and Tourism, and Labour.


At its August 8, 2017, meeting, the Standing Committee on Alberta’s Economic Future established a sub-committee specifically for the purpose of holding public meetings with Albertans as part of its review of Bill 203: Alberta Standard Time Act (for a description of what Bill 203 proposes, click here). The sub-committee consists of the following regular Committee Members:

  • Graham Sucha
  • Glenn Van Dijken
  • Maria Fitzpatrick
  • Craig Coolahan
  • Richard Gotfried

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Note: All meeting agendas are subject to approval of the committee.

Making a Presentation at a Public Meeting of the Sub-Committee

NOTE: REGISTER ONLY IF YOU PLAN TO MAKE A PRESENTATION. Do NOT register otherwise. Meetings will be open to the general public.


  • If you would like to make a presentation to the sub-committee, please register by contacting Aaron Roth, Committee Clerk for the Standing Committee on Alberta’s Economic Future 780.415.2878. (Call toll-free by dialing 310.0000)
  • Registration deadlines:
    • Grande Prairie: September 7, 2017
    • Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge: September 11, 2017
  • If you have materials relevant to your presentation to distribute, please provide six hard copies to the Committee Clerk at the public meeting.
  • You will have five (5) minutes to make your presentation.
  • There will be no projection capabilites available (e.g. slides, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • All meetings will be live audio-streamed on the Legislative Assembly website and recorded by Alberta Hansard.