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About Committees

The committee process allows for a more in-depth look at issues and can allow for public input into the legislative process through written submissions and/or public hearings.

Standing Committees

Standing committees are permanent committees established by the Standing Orders. Standing committees are appointed at the start of each new Legislature and exist for the life of the Legislature although some changes in membership may occur. Each standing committee is comprised of between nine and 15 Members of the Assembly.

Special Standing Committees

The Standing Orders call for the establishment of the Special Standing Committee on Members' Services. This committee exists for the life of the Legislature and is traditionally chaired by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

Legislative Policy Committees

The Legislative Policy Committees are standing committees of the Legislative Assembly. There are three legislative policy committees with mandates and memberships outlined by the Standing Orders. The chair of each committee is a member of the government caucus, and the deputy chair is a member of the Official Opposition.

Select Special Committees

Select Special Committees are struck for specific purposes. When a select special committee releases its report, its work is complete and the committee is disbanded unless otherwise directed by the Assembly.