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Legislative Assembly of Alberta
1999 Annual Report

& 1999 Annual Report of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association


Table of Contents
(report also available in Acrobat format - see below)

Contact List for Legislative Assembly Office
Note from the Speaker
Note from the Clerk

Introduction to the Legislative Assembly Office

Organization Chart of the Legislative Assembly Office

Purpose Statement and Goals

The Year in Review

House Services
House and Committee Services
Legal Services
Ceremonial and Security Services

Information, Reference, and Co-ordination Services: Legislature Library

Public Education and Reporting Services: Public Information Branch

Administrative/Information Systems Services

Financial Management and Administrative Services

Human Resource Services

Special Events

Former Members of the Legislative Assembly

1997-98 Financial Statements

Auditor's Report
Statement of Financial Position
Statement of Changes in Net Assets/Net Liabilities
Statement of Operations
Statement of Changes in Financial Position
Notes to the Financial Statements
Schedule 1 - Expenses Detailed by Object
Schedule 2 - Salary and Benefits Disclosure


Report in Acrobat Format (best for printing)
Part 1 - 1999 Annual Report (217KB PDF file)
Part 2 - Assembly Office Financial Statements - As of March 31, 1998 (38KB PDF file

The electronic copy of the Legislative Assembly Office Annual Report is UNOFFICIAL and is provided for information purposes only. The printed version is the OFFICIAL Annual Report.

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