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Legislative Assembly Office

Purpose Statement

Within the traditions of parliamentary democracy as constitutionally established in Alberta, the Legislative Assembly will:

  1. Support the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly in carrying out the duties of office.
  2. Support members in carrying out their roles as elected representatives of the people of Alberta
  3. Record the proceedings and maintain the records of the Legislative Assembly.
  4. Inform and educate the public on behalf of members and the institution of parliament.
  5. Support the Assembly in protecting its institutions and privileges.
  6. Support the exchange of information and ideas among Legislatures.
  7. Support the Officers of the Legislature as required.

Goals of the Legislative Assembly Office 1999-2000

  1. Assist the Speaker in fulfilling the duties of office.
  2. Meet and exceed the service expectations of Members.
  3. Assist Members in carrying out their roles as legislators within the parliamentary system in Alberta.
  4. Respond to increased demands for technology related services from Members, staff, and the public.
  5. Increase public awareness of the Legislative Assembly within Alberta's democratic parliamentary system through information and outreach programs.
  6. Continue to maintain the separation of powers among the Legislative Assembly, the Executive, and the Judiciary.
  7. Ensure that the Legislative Assembly Office provides quality services in an increasingly competitive environment.
  8. Provide leadership in fostering increasing interparliamentary co-operation through participation in national and international parliamentary forums and exchange programs.
  9. Promote the products, services, and achievements of the Legislative Assembly Office to members, staff, and the public.
  10. Foster and recognize leadership and teamwork within the Legislative Assembly Office.
  11. Ensure the continuing development of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Legislative Assembly Office workforce.
  12. Promote the involvement of employees in the ongoing development of the Legislative Assembly Office.


The electronic copy of Legislative Assembly Office Annual Report is UNOFFICIAL and is provided for information purposes only. The printed version is the OFFICIAL Annual Report.

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