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Members' Liability Insurance Claim Process

At the February 3, 2000 Members' Services Committee (MSC) meeting the Committee endorsed recommendations as they relate to the administration of Members' general liability insurance coverage.

The recommendations endorsed were:

  1. The Members' Guide, produced by the Speaker's Office, will provide specific information as it relates to Members' General Liability coverage
  2. A brochure, outlining Members' Insurance coverage, will be available to all Members at all times and will be provided to them on a regular basis
  3. A defined process for Members' claims related to general liability coverage will be outlined in the Members' Guide and the above noted brochure. The process will be:
  • When a Member becomes aware that he/she may be subject to legal action they will notify the Speaker in writing.
  • The notification will provide as much detail as possible related to the claim
  • Upon receipt of such notification the Speaker will meet with the Member and consult with appropriate resources, including Officers of the Legislature, regarding the claim
  • After reviewing the advice obtained by the Speaker during this consultative process, the Member will determine if a request for coverage should be forwarded to the RMI Division of Alberta Treasury
  • RMI will then evaluate the claim and determine whether coverage is applicable
  • If coverage is applicable RMI will manage the claim from that point

These actions will address a number of points including:

  • more disclosure of insurance information to Members
  • more continuity due to Speaker involvement
  • documented evidence of questions related to claims
  • a higher level of advice provided to Members in determining whether to proceed with a claim
  • a better defined process for Members to follow in the event they become subject to legal action


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