Legislative Assembly of Alberta


Getting to Know the Legislative Assembly

The Legislative Assembly is the focal point of our democratic process. It is responsible for the passing of laws, the approval of policies and the developing of programs, all of which affect our way of life in Alberta.

There are 87 Members of the Legislative Assembly. They belong to political parties and each represents a different constituency.

The Legislative Assembly Office (LAO) supports the Legislative Assembly, MLAs and their staff by providing administrative and procedural services and ensures a smooth transition during provincial elections.

The LAO is a unique entity separate from government with the dedication and commitment to provide all Members of the Legislative Assembly, regardless of party affiliation, with the support they need to represent and serve their constituents.

The LAO also informs and educates the public on the parliamentary process through educational and outreach programs. The Speaker is the department head of the Legislative Assembly Office.

Separation of Powers

The Legislative Assembly is one of three branches in the parliamentary system.

The executive branch, which is the "Government", consists of the Premier and cabinet. Each cabinet minister is the head of a government department and is responsible for administering existing laws and ensuring that government policies are put into practice. The legislative branch is responsible for making laws, and the judicial branch is responsible for interpreting and applying laws through the courts. More information on the separation of powers is available in The Citizen's Guide to the Alberta Legislature.

What We Do...

The LAO supports the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly - providing nonpartisan procedural, administrative and educational services.

Legislative Assembly of Alberta
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