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The Office of the Clerk

The Clerk is the chief executive officer of the Legislative Assembly and has authority and responsibility equivalent to that of a deputy minister of a government department. Under the direction of the Speaker the Clerk has both procedural and managerial responsibilities and oversees the delivery of nonpartisan services to Members of the Legislative Assembly and their staff.

The Office of the Clerk is responsible for:

  • providing advice, research and support to the Speaker and Members on procedural matters concerning the privileges, rules, usages and proceedings of the Assembly and co-ordinating procedural services by other officers of the Assembly
  • preparing documents of the Assembly and ensuring the safekeeping of the Assembly’s documents and records
  • providing all necessary administrative and support services to the Assembly during its sittings and ensuring that essential services are provided to the Assembly Chamber
  • presiding over the election of the Speaker at the opening of a new Legislature
  • announcing the Assembly’s order of business and conducting its recorded votes or divisions during its sittings
  • supervising the officers of the Assembly, including the Law Clerk and Director of Interparliamentary Relations, Senior Parliamentary Counsel and Director of House Services, the Sergeant-at-Arms and Parliamentary Counsel

As chief executive operating officer the Clerk has the following managerial responsibilities:

  • directing the operational services of the Legislative Assembly Office
  • authorizing all financial commitments entered into by the Legislative Assembly
  • directing the preparation of the Assembly’s annual estimates and advising the Members’ Services Committee in their consideration and approval
  • acting as liaison at the deputy minister level with government departments on matters related to the Assembly, the Chamber and the Legislative Assembly Office
  • serving as chair of the LAO Executive Committee, which comprises the Law Clerk and Director of Interparliamentary Relations, Senior Parliamentary Counsel and Director of House Services, Sergeant-at-Arms, Director of Human Resources, Information Technology and Broadcast Services, Director of Financial Management and Administrative Services, Legislature Librarian, and Manager of Corporate Communications and Broadcast Services
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Legislative Assembly of Alberta
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