Legislative Assembly of Alberta


A Rich History

Parliamentary History

Parliamentary democracy in Alberta is based on principles of government that are centuries old. Some of these are rooted in ancient Greece and Rome while others developed in Great Britain. The Citizen's Guide to the Alberta Legislature will provide you with more information on the history of the parliamentary system in Alberta, provincial elections, the Legislative Assembly Office more...

Our Premiers and Lieutenant Governors

The Province of Alberta was formerly part of a much larger political jurisdiction called the North-West Territories. Until 1897 the North-West Territories was governed by a Lieutenant Governor with the assistance of a Council whose original members were appointed. In 1897, Ottawa granted the Territories responsible government and in 1905 the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were formed out of the North-West Territories.

Read more about the Premiers that have governed our province and about the Lieutenant Governors that have served as the Queen's representatives.

Did You Know?

The Alberta Legislature Building is more than steel, stone and glass. It is grand architecture, history, a place to visit and a living monument to the institution and ideals of democratic parliament.

Legislative Assembly of Alberta
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