Legislative Assembly of Alberta


Tips for Applicants

Cover Letter and Resumé

  • Be clear and concise
  • Include your contact information, especially your
    phone number
  • Identify the credentials, skills and accomplishments that
    best meet the needs identified in the job ad
  • Use action words to describe your accomplishments
  • Highlight your strongest relevant qualifications
  • Divide your resumé into sections with appropriate headings
    to help direct the reviewer
  • Choose a format and fonts that are simple and easy to read
  • Proofread your application before sending it
  • If you are emailing your application, include the title of the competition in your subject line

Preparing for the Interview

  • Become familiar with the Legislative Assembly; for example, review the information on our website, become familiar with our services and/or take a tour of the Legislature Building in person
  • Consider some possible questions that could be asked during the interview and practise your responses
  • Be punctual for the interview and arrive prepared

During the Interview

  • Be yourself
  • Try to relax - breathe!
  • Listen and respond to the questions
  • Be specific, concise and accurate in your responses
  • Be honest; do not exaggerate your accomplishments
  • Ask questions to clarify any aspects of the position
General applications are always welcome. Apply today!
Interested in working for the Legislative Assembly?

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Legislative Assembly of Alberta
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