Legislative Assembly of Alberta
The Mace


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One cannot help but be impressed by the life of Princess Louise Caroline Alberta. Blessed with beauty, artistic flair, intelligence and position, she was a woman of independent mind and strong convictions. Although controversial at times, she could never be faulted for hypocrisy or lack of human compassion. Considering the fact that their province is named after her, it is surprising that Albertans haven't heard more concerning this interesting personality.

To commemorate the naming of the Province of Alberta, Princess Louise's Husband, the Marquis of Lorne, wrote a poem. Its first few lines provide a suitable conclusion for this book:

In token of the love which thou has shown
For this wide land of freedom, I have named
A province vast, and for its beauty famed,
By thy dear name to be hereafter known.
Alberta shall it be! 25


25. Marquis of Lorne, Memories of Canada and Scotland, London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, 1883, p. 63.

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Legislative Assembly of Alberta