Speaker's Corner

On behalf of all Members of the Legislative Assembly, it is my pleasure to welcome Albertans and other visitors to the Legislative Assembly website.

Thank you for taking an interest in Alberta's parliamentary democracy.


Speaker Cooper engages Albertans from all walks of life in the democratic process by explaining legislative procedures and parliamentary traditions. He connects directly with Albertans and other interested visitors via social media, breaking down key parliamentary terms and taking visitors on mini tours of the Legislature Building.

Who Makes Our Democracy Work?

Speaker Cooper interviews various Assembly staff, delving into their contributions to the legislative process. Hear from the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly, the Director of Library Services, a team member from Information Technology Services and more. Learn how each of their roles helps the Assembly operate efficiently and effectively.


Speaker Cooper hosts numerous festivities, cultural ceremonies and official commemorations throughout the year. These events, often held in the Legislature rotunda, are attended by thousands of individuals and families and reinforce that the Legislature is open to all Albertans. Please see events for more information.

Message from the Speaker

As Speaker of the Assembly it is my pleasure to welcome visitors to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta website and specifically the Speaker’s Corner.

Though it would be my preference to personally greet everyone who visits the Legislature Building, Grounds and Visitor Centre, it is sadly not possible. The Legislative Assembly website is one way for me to connect directly to Albertans and other interested visitors to help people learn more about parliamentary democracy, get details about current legislation, engage with the legislative process and plan a visit to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.

Sincerely, Honourable Nathan Cooper, Speaker
Legislative Assembly of Alberta

Role of Speaker

The Speaker has a front-row seat to the debates of our provincially elected representatives every sitting day. The Speaker presides over proceedings and oversees the operation of the Legislative Assembly Office (LAO).

The Legislative Assembly Office (LAO)

The Legislative Assembly website is managed by the LAO. An independent and nonpartisan organization, the LAO is dedicated to providing Alberta’s MLAs with the tools they need to best serve their constituents. It is my honour to work with the LAO team as they connect people to parliamentary democracy and its traditions. We are united in our shared appreciation and respect for this vital institution.

Keep up to date

Stay informed on the important discussions of the Legislative Assembly by visiting this website often and watching the Assembly in action in person, on Assembly TV, Assembly Online or via social media. Staying well informed is one of the most important ways to participate in the democratic process.

The Legislative Assembly website

provides a variety of helpful information, including bill status reports, information on educational programs, historical records and the profiles of the men and women who have diligently served Alberta as elected representatives since the Assembly’s inception in 1905.


Speaker's Outreach Program

Speaker Cooper brings his excitement and enthusiasm about the Legislature directly to classrooms across Alberta with the Speaker’s Outreach Program, which includes replica parliamentary uniforms, mock debates that walk students through the process of how a Bill becomes law and a first-hand look at the Legislature Mace. The Speaker hopes to reach people in all corners of the province as this initiative expands.

Presiding Officers of the Assembly


Honourable Nathan Cooper

MLA for Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills

The Honourable Nathan Cooper is the 14th Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. He also serves as chair of the Special Standing Committee on Members’ Services.



Angela Pitt

MLA for Airdrie-East

She presides over the Committee of the Whole and Committee of Supply and the debates of the Assembly when the Speaker cannot be present. 



Glenn van Dijken

MLA for Athabasca-Barrhead-Westlock

He is Deputy Chair of Committees. He presides over the Committee of the Whole and Committee of Supply as well as the debates of the Assembly when neither the Speaker nor the Deputy Speaker is available.


For full roles and responsibilities of the Speaker and Presiding Officers Visit