Visitor Services is pleased to offer a variety of tour options for groups. Visits to the Alberta Legislature Building are free; groups of 10 or more must book in advance. Bookings can be made weekdays from 8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Booking requests can be made by e-mail, visitorinfo@assembly.ab.ca, or by phone, 780.427.7362. Please note booking requests will be taken by email only from September 3rd to 6th, 2019.

A Heritage Interpreter guides all booked visits, which can include a Legislature Building tour, educational programming, the Legislative Assembly Visitor Centre and watching Session in person at the Alberta Legislature Building. Reservations to view the spaces in the Legislative Assembly Visitor Center without a Heritage Interpreter can also be made.

We book up very quickly, so it is best to contact us on or as close to the opening dates as possible. Our booking dates are as follows:

  • July and August bookings open the second Monday of January (January 14, 2019)
  • September to December bookings open the third Monday in June (June 17, 2019)
  • January to June bookings open the Tuesday after the long weekend in September (September 3, 2019)

Step 1 - Tour Options

Visitor tours: Introduce visitors of all ages to Alberta's legislative process, and generally cover topics related to the levels of government; the roles of the Lieutenant Governor, Premier, Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly; Alberta's political history; the Daily Routine of the Legislative Assembly; parliamentary tradition; and the art and architecture of the building.

Grade 6 inquiry-based tours: Support the social studies curriculum in their coverage of the provincial level of governance and active citizenship. Students are given an overview of the history of the province and insight into the legislative process while discovering the connections between the Legislature Building and our democratic heritage.

Grade 9 tours: Support the social studies curriculum through comparison and contrast of the functions and procedures of the provincial Legislature and the national Parliament. Students also learn how Alberta's unique political history has contributed to the national story. Interpreters challenge students to think critically and discover for themselves the distinctions between the two jurisdictions, offering the class an engaging learning experience.

English language learners tours: Welcome newcomers to the English language, and make learning about Alberta's legislative history and parliamentary process more accessible. Customized tours will introduce visitors to the history, traditions and people associated with Alberta's legislative process.

Step 2 -Programming Options

Mock Legislature activity: A role-playing activity where students experience what it's like to be part of the parliamentary process. This activity is structured so that every student can participate in the debate. Using replicas of the apparel and the symbolic items used in the Legislature, students are guided through the stages of the passage of a Bill. A Mock Legislature teacher manual and student handbook can be downloaded from the Teachers' Corner or mailed out upon request.

Session: From the public gallery in the Alberta Legislature Building visitors can watch the Speaker's procession and Oral Question Period, listen to the deliberations of the Assembly and be introduced to the Members of the Legislative Assembly. Please note that session dates are subject to change and not guaranteed. When choosing a date, please reference the Sessional Calendar. Please note that if you are booking prior to the calendar being released, we book all possible session dates and then alter itineraries once we have the calendar.

Legislative Assembly Visitor Center spaces: ated on the main floor of the Edmonton Federal Building, the Legislative Assembly Visitor Center is host to an interpretive center, theatre, gallery and a retail outlet.

  • The Agora Interpretive Centre is a hands-on, multimedia learning space that features interactive activities and historical artifacts relating to the Alberta Legislature Building.
    • Learn more about the Agora Interpretive Centre.
  • The Borealis Gallery is a state-of-the-art exhibition space where thought-provoking heritage exhibitions and world-class works by renowned Canadian artists await your discovery. Temporary exhibitions are featured throughout the year, celebrating our dynamic Canadian identity, our rich history and our cultural diversity.
    • Learn more about the exhibitions at the Borealis Gallery.
  • The Pehonan Theatre uses a 360-degree screen and 4-D effects in the film Our People Our Province, which celebrates the political and social history of Alberta.
    • Learn more about the Pehonan Theatre.

Visitor Center reservations: You can make a reservation to visit the Legislative Assembly Visitor Center on your own without a dedicated Heritage Interpreter. Reservations can be added on to a group booking option as a way of adding programming outside of our itinerary times. All reservations add 30 minutes per location.

Step 3 - Itinerary Options

Step 4 - Complete the Form

E-mail your request to visitorinfo@assembly.ab.ca.

Upon booking you will receive a confirmation of visit e-mail along with a map showing your bus drop-off and entrance location.

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