Legislative Assembly of Alberta





  • Teaching your students in the Legislative Assembly chamber about Parliament and government
  • Holding your next art class on the steps of the majestic Legislature Building with its towering pillars and Greek architecture
  • Exploring the 23 hectares of lush parkland with your students and discovering the historic monuments on the grounds
  • Having your classroom practically next door to the Premier’s office

Watch and listen…

  • As your class interviews the people who work at the Legislative Assembly
  • As your students take part in a mock Legislature
  • As your lessons come to life!

All of this can be a reality when you attend School at the Legislature, an innovative province-wide program for grade 6 and 9 classes.

One week of educational fun!

You provide the lesson plans. We provide the setting.
Bring your students to our fully equipped classroom to experience a real-world view of the institution of parliament and the people behind today’s headlines. Give your students the opportunity to experience government, legislation and citizenship first-hand!

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Legislative Assembly of Alberta
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