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Inquiry-based school tours of the Alberta Legislature are fun and educational for student of all ages. School tours can be tailored to suit the needs, interests and grade level of any class. For example, a grade 6 tour will highlight the function of provincial government and the importance of active citizenship, while a grade 9 tour will discuss how the provincial Legislative Assembly compares to our national Parliament.

The guided tours will provide students with an overview of the history of the province and insight into the legislative process. Guides will interpret the symbolism and stories behind the statues, flags and artifacts which line the halls of this magnificent heritage building. Students will see the first Mace and hear the fascinating story behind its creation, be enthralled by an acoustical phenomenon known as the "Magic Spot" and will be able to view the portraits of people who have contributed to Alberta´s history. A highlight of the tour is a visit to the Legislature Chamber, where students will learn about the traditions of the Chamber and the role of their elected representatives as well as the officers of the Assembly. During session they may also have the opportunity to observe democracy at work as teachers can book group seating in the public galleries for their classes.

Teachers and students are encouraged to prepare for their visit beforehand and to direct their own learning by asking questions throughout their tour.

Phone: 780-427-7362 for further details or refer to How to Book a Class Visit.
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Teachers´ Tours

Experience your Alberta Legislature from a new perspective!

Explore the architectural details that were incorporated when the building was constructed nearly a century ago. Learn about the former Lieutenant Governors, Premiers and Speakers whose portraits line the walls. Discover the secrets and stories about the building and the people who have worked in the Legislature over the years. You will also find out about opportunities to challenge your students with our educational programs so they can experience parliamentary democracy for themselves. The Alberta Legislature is open for you to discover!

Teachers' tours can be prebooked for teachers' conventions or in support of other professional development activities. The tours may include presentations and question-and-answer sessions geared to teachers' professional interests. Participants will also receive print resources for use in the classroom and have an opportunity to view the mock Legislature classrooms and other program venues.

Phone: 780-427-7362 for further information.
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English Language Learners Tour

An introduction to the Legislative Assembly for English Language Learners

The Legislative Assembly welcomes newcomers to the English language and makes it easy for them to learn about Alberta's legislative history and parliamentary process.

Customized tours will introduce visitors to the history, traditions and people associated with Alberta's legislative process. This tour is supplemented by activity books that provide pretour exercises and reading-level-appropriate lessons on Alberta's Legislative Assembly and its political history.

Phone: 780-427-7362 for further information.

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Seniors´ Tour

Discover a fun and exciting tour set at your own pace.

The Seniors' Tour provides a fun-filled, informative day catered to you. Get a group together and spend some time at the Legislature Building soaking up history and enjoying group activities. The Legislature Building is wheelchair accessible and has elevators for your convenience. Hearing assistive devices are available in the public galleries during session.

Whatever you choose to do during your visit, you set the pace.

Phone: 780-427-7362 for further information.

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Tourism Partners Familiarization Tours

We provide customized tours to suit your needs!

Visitor Services is always pleased to work hand in hand with tourism representatives in promoting the capital region and the province. Members of the tourism industry are invited to join us for two special familiarization tour events occurring annually in the spring and in the fall. Information on these events will be posted on "What's New". Tourism partners are also welcome to request small group Fam tours throughout the year.

Phone: 780-644-3542 for further information.
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Public Service Orientation

An Insider´s View

Designed for government employees to get an inside view of the Legislative Assembly Office.

Phone: 780-427-7362 for further information.
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*Tours may be requested in either English or French. French language tours are subject to availability of French-speaking guides at the time requested.


Reservations are recommended for groups of 10 or more.


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