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From Bill to Law/Tuba Bill and Your Tax Dollar's Journey

This amusing illustrated handout outlines the steps involved in making Alberta's laws and how decisions are made about provincial spending. Students can also follow these processes online with a clickable cartoon strip on the Student Zone.

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Download Poster Pack

The Alberta Legislature Poster Pack

This full-color poster features a fun cartoon view of Alberta on the front and classroom-ready activities and readings on the flipside. Students will learn about the three levels of government, the role of MLAs and the constituencies they represent, how laws are made and the symbolism behind Alberta's provincial and parliamentary emblems. The Poster Pack includes two posters and a set of duplicating masters.

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Fascinating Facts

Parliamentary Traditions and Trivia provides a fascinating description of some of the longstanding traditions and rituals of the parliamentary system and explains their historical roots. Also included is a collection of parliamentary trivia pertaining to Alberta’s Legislative Assembly.

A-Mace-ing Alberta offers an overview of Alberta symbols and emblems and how they came to be chosen to represent the province

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