Alberta Branded

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Highlighting Alberta-made products

Located within the Legislative Assembly Visitor Centre, Edmonton Federal Building, 9820 - 107 Street

Discover our province through the eyes of artists at Alberta Branded. This retail destination for art and fine crafts features over 80 artists and designers celebrating Alberta's creative culture.

Let the growing assortment of art, design, style, function and expression guide your experience. Be inspired by the annual showcase presenting new artists whose work explores new themes and new perspectives.

Alberta Branded is open 362 days a year. Start your discovery and buy Alberta art today.

For additional information or inquiries phone 780.422.3982.

Current Showcase



Featured Artists

Scott Mackenzie, Shawn McClure, Rob Miller, Roberta Murray, Talar and Jean-Claude Prefontaine, David Shkolny, Fei Su, Jenna Turner, Diana Zasadny

The process of making is not a singular act of influence or confluence. The creative process demands a confluence of one’s own history, biases, abilities and even limitations with the influences of politics, economics, social constructs and the physical environment.

By embracing both influence and confluence, we form a new and original path. Attend the free showcase opening reception at Alberta Branded on January 24 at 6 p.m.

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