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Thought-provoking heritage exhibitions and world-class works by renowned Canadian artists await your discovery in our state-of-the-art exhibition space. Join us in the Borealis Gallery, where temporary exhibitions will be featured throughout the year, celebrating our dynamic Canadian identity, our rich history and our cultural diversity.

Current Exhibit

July 19 to September 24, 2018

Call for Justice

Paul Henderson scores the winning goal in the 1972 Summit Series. A little boy runs after his father marching off to war. Terry Fox is silhouetted by headlights of a police cruiser on his Marathon of Hope.

Exploring unforgettable moments in our history, this travelling exhibition from the Canadian Museum of History and Canada’s History Society pairs compelling images with texts by well-known authors, journalists and historians. Images ranging from high drama to simple joy are tangible reminders of the triumphs, failures and sacrifices that have shaped our country.

UpComing Exhibitions


In Flew Enza: The Spanish Flu Comes to Alberta

October 17 to January 13

In 1918, a mysterious illness swept the globe. It struck erratically and swiftly, seeming to target otherwise healthy young adults. Its victims could be well in the morning and dead by nightfall. The Spanish Flu, as the pandemic came to be known, was indiscriminate and it was ruthless: estimates place the worldwide mortality rate between 20 million and 100 million people. Roughly 1 in 6 Canadians perished. More than 4,000 Albertans, almost 10 per cent of the province’s population, died within four months. What happened? And what did it mean for the young province of Alberta?

Past Exhibitions


FUR: The Fabric of our Nation

April 25 to July 3, 2018

Call for Justice

A Call for Justice: Fighting for Japanese Canadian Redress (1977-1988)

January 15 to April 2, 2018

 Legion Halls

Legion Halls

October 13, 2017 to January 2, 2018


The Dream we form by Being Together

June 29 to October 1

Alberta & The Great War

Alberta & The Great War

February 17 to May 22



December 14, 2016 to February 5


Canada: Day 1

August 27 to December 4


Voices for the Vote

June 6 to August 14

Group of Seven

Alberta and the Group of Seven: teachers, students, and colleagues

February 8 to May 23

Magna Carta

Magna Carta: Law, Liberty & Legacy

November 23 - December 29